Sakurada Reset Episode #08

Oh look, it’s Eri Oka as she’s brainwashing Misora Haruki because that’s what Eri wanted to hurt Kei Asai even more!

However, Haruki won’t fall to Oka’s tricks twice as she’s countering it via an earphone-size voice recorder which contained Asai’s instructions.

Well then, seems that Kei planned this to make Eri Oka’s ability useless! And not only that, but Misora can use her reset ability again now that the previous brainwash by Eri is no longer effective.

On top of that, seems that Eri Oka got a surprise visit to one of Kei Asai’s allies. Well, you know her already!

That’s right, it’s Youka Murase as she wants to get back at Eri for tricking her.

Basically, the jig is up for Oka that she decided to make her retreat as Eri doesn’t like being defeated by Kei-sempai!

And speaking of Kei Asai, he finally got out of that photo but Kei couldn’t get out of the tower. Yeah, that cheeky Eri just locked to door which leads downstairs.

Good thing Youka Murase and Misora Haruki managed to open the door, but that Eri Oka girl just got away to lick her wounds after her failed attempt to destroy Kei Asai.

Still, she’ll be back in future episodes but damn, Eri almost succeeded on beating Kei at his own game!

Now then, it’s time for Kei Asai to meet someone using one of Hiroyuki Sasano’s photos. So when he rip one photo at this spot…

…Kei-kun met this familiar person who told Asai that she used him and Eri Oka for her plans. What plan if you may ask? Going outside to see a certain person!

Oh yeah, and it turns out that this woman is actually the Witch and she wanted to see Sasano again as her time is running out. I mean, the Witch is old and she’s about to die soon. Fortunately though, Asai has a better idea.

By giving her one of Sasano’s photos which shows the exit, the Witch can get out and see her beloved for one last time. C’mon, it took Youka Murase’s ability and a reset to take that photo!

Well, at least the Witch can finally see Hiroyuki Sasano again…

…as he sits there, waiting for his girlfriend to return to his arms! Gotta say that there’s a nice ending to this 3-part story arc.

One more thing, the Witch told Kei Asai that someone will succeed her since she’s old and the Bureau wants to see what the future holds for the ability holders in Sakurada.

Oh, and there’s one hint though that was given to Kei-kun in which a girl who was supposed to be dead two years ago has returned. Yes, I’m talking about Sumire Souma as I’m surprised that she’s back! Of course, I wonder if she’ll remain friends with Kei and Misora or Sumire might actually become the antagonist?

In any case, I’ll see you on the next episode. Damn, glad that this 3-part story arc is over because I can’t stand to Eri Oka’s current personality!

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