Eromanga-sensei Episode #08

Here’s Sagiri Izumi as she’s wearing a yukata for Masamune Izumi. C’mon, she’s love with her brother but Sagiri can’t spit it out!

And here’s Masamune as he commented about Sagiri’s yukata as being cute and she resembles Muramasa Senju.

Oh yes, and I forgot to tell you that there’s a hint about Masamune loving his sister Sagiri. But then again, he can’t say that in front of his sister.

Dammit you two, just hook up already because incest is the way to go just like OreImo!

And speaking of OreImo, looks like a certain Ruri Gokou and her two sisters are making their cameo appearance on this show.

But come to think of it, I wonder if Tsukasa Fushimi confirmed that both OreImo and Eromanga-sensei existed in the same universe?

Now then, it’s time for a wrap-up party as Masamune invited some competitors from the Tenkaichi Budoukai light novel competition.

This includes Kunimitsu Shidou who got 3rd place and his novel will be published in the future. Well, ASCII Media Works sure gave Kunimitsu a chance to make his debut!

On the other hand, here’s both Muramasa Senju and Elf Yamada as they’re also invited.

Still, seems that Muramasa still has a crush on Masamune-kun but let’s face it, she can’t beat Sagiri and Masamune is in love with his sister. Right now, he can’t tell it for the time being!

In any case, let’s end this episode with a bonding between siblings as Sagiri and Masamune watched the fireworks from the window.

Sure that they won’t become lovers yet due to being siblings and all that, but I have to say that they’ll eventually confessed their feelings for each other… because Tsukasa Fushimi wanted to end it that way!

Anyways, I’ll see you on the next episode!

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