Kabukibu! Episode #08

Well, it appears that Tsurami Tomi couldn’t act in front of a large crowd is because he has a trauma…

…in which he got a stomachache and hurled up at the stage when Tsurami-san was a young boy. Yeah, I pity this guy!

On the other hand though, Shin Akutsu has returned to the kabuki club.

Well, Tonbo Murase picked him up and let’s hope that Shin will learn his lesson on not abandoning his clubmates.

But you know what, Kurogo Kurusu and the rest aren’t mad at him as they accepted Akutsu’s apology.

Anyways, time for the kabuki club to perform “Three Kichisas” at Kochi Fest!

Then again, it feels a bit different as the play is set in contemporary times and while the younger viewers are liking it, some purists aren’t pleased with these changes.

This includes Jin Ebihara and he find Kurogo’s version of a classic play as very insulting to kabuki.

C’mon Ebihara, Kurusu did that because he wanted to show to the school campus that kabuki is not archaic to their tastes! But if Jin and some traditionalists don’t like the modern version…

…there’s also the classic version of “Three Kichisas” where the kabuki club shines through.

Turns out, Kurogo Kurusu made some modifications of the classic story so that younger viewers can follow the second part. Yeah, Kurogo created a win-win situation on this episode!

Heck, even Shin Akutsu’s parents are in awe upon seeing their son perform as Ocho Kichisa.

BTW, that woman at the far left is actually Kurogo’s mother who is a manga artist!

But anyways, it’s time for the curtain call as the kabuki club got a standing ovation in front of the crowd. It’s nice that they love watching Kurogo’s show!

Heck, even Tsurami’s father Shozo-san was impressed by the club’s performance. Sure that he was shocked at first during Part 1, but Shozo felt relieved upon watching Part 2!

In any case, that’s about it for this episode as Kurogo Kurusu was greeted by his mother and everyone was surprised to see Kurogo’s mom!

Now then, I wonder what in stores on the next episode? Also, don’t expect Jin Ebihara to join the kabuki club very soon.

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