Re:CREATORS Episode #08

Here’s Maasaki Nakanogane once again as he added more information regarding Altair, the military-clad princess who’s hell bent on enacting her revenge against Souta Mizushino and the world around him.

It’s revealed that Altair is based on an existing character named Shirotsumekusa from the social game “Eternal Wars Megalosphere”.

But given that both Altair and Shirotsumekusa are completely different, it could be possible that Setsuna Shimazaki created Altair based on Shirotsumekusa’s character template and added story elements that made her distinct from the Megalosphere world. Of course, it’s pure speculation.

Meanwhile, Aki Kikuchihara found two creators who are linked to the created that currently roam around Tokyo. The one on the right is Shunma Suruga who is the mangaka of “Code Babylon”, and the other one on the right is the author “Lockout Ward underground-dark night” named Ryo Yatoji.

While Suruga was dumbfounded upon being taken by the authorities due to her creation, Yatoji doesn’t care much as he’s a busy man and Ryo-san wants to finish one chapter in order to meet the deadline. Yes, this includes Yuuya Mirokuji who Ryo Yatoji thinks that he’s a cosplayer!

But when Yuuya summons his spirit, seems that Ryo Yatoji changed his mind one bit. Remember guys and girls, when your creation came into the real-world, don’t take a guess that your character is actually a cosplayer or you might get in trouble… Or worse, you’ll probably get yourself killed as seen with Magane Chikujouin’s creator.

Anyways, looks like Ryo Yatoji got the message pretty clear that his creations like Yuuya Mirokuji are not mere characters. On the other hand, I wonder if Mirokuji was stopped by Kikuchihara’s personnel because he has a slight grudge on Yatoji for letting his allies and enemies die indiscriminately in Yuuya’s world?

Meanwhile, here’s another girls’ talk between Mamika Kirameki and Alisteria February as Mamika told Alisteria that her life was changed from being a naive girl into something that she understands regarding the military-clad princess’ motives upon stepping into the real world.

Also, Mamika told Alisteria that she loves her, which is nice but I have a feeling that it might be a death flag for the magical girl! I’m hoping that Magical Slayer Mamika will live!

On the other hand, here’s Souta Mizushino as he’s confronted by Magane Chikujouin. Damn, I’m hoping that she won’t kill Souta for the lulz!

Fortunately, Magane let him live for now which I felt a sigh of relief there. However, Chikujouin told Mizushino that she knows his secret, which revolves around Altair’s connection with his friend Setsuna Shimazaki. Of course, Magane won’t search for Setsuna anymore because she’s already dead.

Lastly, here’s Mamika as she confronted Altair and told her that there’s no point of delivering vengeance against Souta Mizushino and the real world. Therefore, Mamika decides to save Altair from the depths of despair!

Unfortunately, Altair rejected Mamika’s pleas as she wanted to destroy the world that abandoned and ridiculed Setsuna Shimazaki.

Thus, Altair throw various sabers at Magical Slayer Mamika until she’s dead!

But not before Mamika unleashed her final attack which completely destroyed the hideout. However, there’s a question on whether Altair will survive that or not?

In any case, that was a shocking ending to this episode and I’ll see you next week! Gotta say though, looks like Alisteria February will be saddened that Mamika Kirameki is killed by Altair…

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