Little Witch Academia Episode #21

Well look what we have here, seems that a bunch or rowdy football fans are complaining about the game being subjected by match-fixing, which escalated across the country that the parliament are having trouble dealing with the string of scandals within the beautiful game.

Come to think of it, I wonder if these so-called statesmen are busy fixing the whole country, or they’re just goofing around?

On the other hand, Andrew Hanbridge got curious on Frank’s cellphone in which contained an app called Emotion Refresh which he can channel his stress through his cellphone.

Oh, and it appears that everyone has Emotion Refresh which begs the question on who made it?

Then again, I feel that I know who created that app, who is none other than Professor Croix in which she wants to use the negative energy from everyone who uses Emotion Refresh.

Speaking of Professor Croix, she told Atsuko Kagari about a tip on unlocking the sixth word in which it’s located at the top of a tree called Wagandea. But there’s a problem though…

You see, Professor Ursula warned Akko that Wagandea has spores that can shoot pollen and when exposed to that stuff, the person might lose magic which depends on whether the effect can take hours or even years at worse.

Yeah, Chari- I mean Ursula really doesn’t want Kagari getting caught up in Croix’s traps!

But despite of Ursula’s warning, Akko went to the Wagandea anyway and I have to say that Kagari is an idiot for believing into Croix’s words!

And seriously, the reason why Professor Croix wanted to trick Atsuko Kagari into climbing up to a pollen-laden tree is because she’s jealous for not being selected as the wielder of the Shiny Rod.

And so, Professor Ursula rushed towards Wagandea in order to rescue Akko from being exposed to that anti-magic pollen.

Then again, she’ll have to confront her former friend Croix in order to save Kagari, but Ursula find it difficult to stop Croix when she has modern magic!

And when Professor Ursula arrived at Wagandea, she was already too late as Atsuko Kagari went to the top of the tree and got surrounded by pollen.

Seriously, Akko is an idiot for not taking Ursula’s warnings seriously!

Oh, and Akko fell down too in which she didn’t brought Constanze’s mechanical broom upon climbing that beanstalk-like tree!

Fortunately, Chari- I mean Professor Ursula managed to rescue Kagari from certain death. C’mon, Ursula risked her life to save her only hope of unlocking the Grand Triskelion.

Anyways, Akko apologized to Professor Ursula for not listening to her warning as she’s desperate on seeing Shiny Chariot upon unlocking all seven words.

Then again, little did Kagari know is that Shiny Chariot is in front of her. It’s just that Ursula couldn’t tell her true identity to Akko-chan because of unknown reasons!

One last thing, seems that Atsuko Kagari managed to unlock the sixth word after climbing up to the top and get rescued by her teacher. Wow, I can’t believe that Akko unlocked the sixth word by being tricked by Professor Croix.

But hey, what’s important is that there’s one more word left to chant before unlocking the Grand Triskelion. But the question is though is whether Atsuko Kagari or Professor Croix will open it and restore magic across the world. Anyways, will find that out in the next 4 episodes ’cause Little Witch Academia is nearing its end!

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