Sin: Nanatsu no Taizai Episode #06

Now then, it’s time to focus on the Demon Lord of Sloth, Belphegor, in which she would rather play games than fight the fallen angel head-on.

That’s until Belial gave Belphegor an idea on how to defeat Lucifer without putting too much effort, something that the Demon Lord of Sloth would agree to do it.

Anyways, here’s Lucifer as she checked on her cellphone when suddenly…

…Lucifer was transported to another world. Hmm, I wonder who trapped this fallen angel to this weird place?

Why it’s none other than Belphegor as the Demon Lord of Sloth told Lucifer that she’s inside a MMORPG and she’s the final boss against everyone who’s playing the game.

Oh, and the only way for Lucifer to beat the game is to destroy all of the players and become the ultimate demon lord! Let’s see about that…

But then again, seems that Lucifer will beat the game easily as she’s the most powerful enemy of all!

Yeah, those players are no match for Lucifer and it seems that Belphegor’s plan on beating the fallen angel is about to fail.

Enter Maria Totsuka as Belphegor trapped Lucifer’s bitch into fighting her master at the legendary heroine.

Then again, it would be nice if Maria wear something decent and fitting for a heroine?

Unfortunately for Maria Totsuka, seems that she’s not powerful enough to beat the final boss as Lucifer effortlessly defeat Maria while taking a bath!

Oh, and I forgot to tell you guys that the water in the hot springs can melt lingerie and Maria’s clothes is reduced to nothing!

Well, looks like Belphegor’s ace in the hole just got rekt!

Therefore, it’s time for Maria to train her ass off until she’s stronger to beat Lucifer on her own.

And look, Belphegor is helping the legendary heroine on her training to be the best like no one ever was!

Oh, and it seems that Leviathan sneaked in to help Maria on defeating the final boss by giving her some useless items.

Honestly, I think Lucifer will have to punish Leviathan for cooperating with Belphegor on this occasion.

But anyways, time for a rematch between Maria and Lucifer. Will the hero beat the final boss of this game!

Surprisingly, she beat Lucifer and the fallen angel’s clothes were destroyed and leaving her naked. Dammit, I can’t believe that Lucifer’s slave defeated her boss!

And everybody cheered that they finally beat the demon lord as they log-out and went back to their normal lives. C’mon, it’s just a game and they can’t play it forever though!

But let’s go back to Lucifer as she’s got so salty about her loss that the fallen angel made the most epic rage-quit ever made…

…by destroying the whole game with her fists that made a crack on the surface. Hell, Lucifer might even crush mountains and stuff because of her wrath!

And since Belphegor didn’t like her own MMORPG getting destroyed by a salty fallen angel, the Demon Lord of Sloth decided to give up and told Lucifer to go away.

Really Belphegor, you just surrender after letting Maria beat her master? What a fuckin’ coward you are!

Anyways, Lucifer and Maria Totsuka returned to the real world as Maria apologized to the fallen angel for attacking her.

Sure that everything went well between Lucifer and Maria, but the fallen angel still has to punish Leviathan for being in cahoots with Belphegor (and having angel wings).

As for Belphegor however, she decided to call it quits and laze around all day. Looks like Belial got mad at Belphegor that she gave up on the Demon Lord of Sloth. Not surprising since Belphegor doesn’t want to do much all the time!

With that said, seems that Lucifer has beaten 3 demom lords already and Belial is worried that her throne will be taken by a mere fallen angel. Anyways, I’ll see you on the next episode!

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