Rokudenashi Majutsu Koushi to Akashic Records Episode #09

Well, I hate to tell you this but Rumia being the damsel-in-distress is getting old!

Also, it turns out that Burks Blaumohn is in cahoots with Eleanor Chalet and Re-L’s brother. Well, I knew that creating chimeras is a bad idea ’cause the Researcher of Divine Wisdom fund it!

Meanwhile, Glenn Radars is back in action after a successful Revival magic by both Albert and Sistine Fibel.

Then again, Glenn got mad at Albert for using Rumia Tingel as bait! C’mon, can Rumia be a strong girl for once?

Of course, Albert retaliated when he told Mr. Radars about his abandonment with the military, leaving him and Re-L behind when things got sour.

But you know what, I think these two should work together and bring both Re-L and Rumia back!

Now then, it’s time for both Glenn and Albert to storm the laboratory and stop Eleanor Chalet and her acquaintances.

But first, they need to deal with Burks Blaumohn as he transformed into a hideous creature!

Fortunately, Albert is capable of beating Burks as he told Mr. Radars to go ahead and save both Re-L and Rumia. C’mon, he’s doing a favor to Glenn!

With that said, Albert will take Burks Blaumohn down by himself while Glenn Radars will rush towards the chamber where Rumia is held there.

Of course, he’ll have to face Re-L as her brother told her that Glenn Radars is a nuisance to his plans, therefore ordering Re-L to kill Mr. Radars!

And I have to say that Glenn won’t afford to make the same mistakes as last time, so he tries to convince Re-L to snap out of it! But when things got dicey, there’s one way to pacify Re-L…

And that’s by shooting her with a bigass revolver that was borrowed by Albert. Glenn tried to aim and fire his gun, but it seems that it’s not very effective!

And besides, it’s not Glenn’s style to shoot his enemies with a firearm. It might be necessary, but that’s not cool!

So, Mr. Radars used his head to stun Re-L and pin her down with his Gravity Control.

Also, Glenn asked Re-L on what’s the name of her brother. Unfortunately, she doesn’t remember it which means that Re-L’s brother is actually an impostor… or rather, she doesn’t have one to begin with!

Meanwhile, Glenn Radars used his revolver to shoot down the console that’ll break Rumia free, something that Re-L’s “fake” brother won’t like how his plans are being ruined.

And speaking of Re-L’s brother, it turns out that his real identity is Rainer, who is not only the mastermind of the Revive Life Project but he killed both Sion and Ilushia for selling the information to the Imperial Court Mage Corps two years ago.

As for Re-L, it turns out that she inherited Ilushia’s memories prior to her death.

So when Glenn raided the laboratory and found both Sion and Ilushia’s lifeless body, he turned his attention to Re-L and rescued her before turning into something terrible like a living weapon.

And you know what, that’s what Rainer wanted to do as he made various clones of Re-L who are stronger in exchange of not having emotions.

In fact, he sees the original Re-L as nothing more than a junk, which infuriated Glenn quite a bit!

So, Mr. Radars showed that lives are not meant to be played at and get thrown away as he rescued Re-L from her clones using his fists.

Well, these Re-L clones are nothing compared to Glenn and the original one as Re-L killed her sisters with remorse. C’mon, who wants to treat her sisters as crap? Still, Re-L slaughtering her clones is necessary because you don’t want them running amok inside Alzano Empire.

As for Rainer, looks like the jig is up as Glenn Radars is about to shoot him in the head.

However, it’s not his style to use a revolver to enact punishment on those who hurt his students.

So, Glenn just punched Rainer in the face ’cause that’s how he punishes assholes who treated the likes of Re-L as crap! Yeah, it’s better than using a gun!

Back at Albert as he’s wrapping up on his fight against Burks Blaumohn, which turned out to be a piece of cake for Albert as he burned Burks into a crisp!

Well, so much for his chimera transformation but that’s about it for Burks Blaumohn and his while alchemy operation.

And so, Glenn Radars managed to rescue both Re-L and Rumia Tingel. Of course, it wouldn’t be possible without Albert, his former partner at the Imperial Court Mage Corps.

For Re-L, she apologized to Sistine Fibel for saying bad things to both her and Rumia. But you know what, I think she should say sorry to Mr. Radars for all that backstabbing that happened on the previous episode!

Now all’s well that ends well on this week’s episode, but something is missing…

Oh, I forgot about Eleanor Chalet as she got what appears to be a full ritual program of the Revive Life Project. So apart from the elusive Akashic Records, I wonder what she’s planning to do with it? Could it be that Eleanor is reviving the leader of Divine Wisdom?

Regardless of what her motives, I feel that Eleanor Chalet is the most dangerous person on this show and she needs to be taken down. Anyways, I’ll see you next week!

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  1. Karandi says:

    Rumia being the damsel in distress is definitely getting old. I also kind of thought the treatment of the clones was harsh but at least we didn’t have to listen to a whole bunch of moralising about them.

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