Sakura Quest Episode #09

This is Mr. Sandal and he’s a wandering bard in Manoyama who sometimes show up in various places and recite a poem! Also, Mr. Sandal is eating borscht…

…topped with soumen noodles. Yeah, it’s weird to have soumen in borscht but Shiori Shinomiya got an idea!

And so, Shiori proposed a plan that the Summer Festival will have a soumen cuisine competition.

As Ushimatsu Kadota look at the proposal, seems that he gave them a thumbs-up to go ahead with the competition.

Heck, even Chitose Oribe and the Board of Merchants agreed to have a competition at Manoyama’s Summer Festival. Yeah, it’s a win-win situation there!

Meanwhile, Yoshino Koharu visited Busujima’s (or Dokushima’s) where she handed out the flyers for the soumen cuisine competition.

For those who don’t know, Busujima is known for his powered suits and other machines that he created in Manoyama. Heck, he even used Kadota as his guinea pig in one of his experiments.

Now then, let’s go back to Sayuri Shinomiya as she leaves to another town to work as a nurse there. Yeah, the whole family is gonna miss her!

This also includes Katsumi Kumano as he wanted to say something important to her, but Sayuri is busy moving out to another town and she almost ran over Katsumi-san. While there would be another time for both of them to have a conversation, it turns out that they were supposed to meet at the train station the day after graduation, but they didn’t see eye-to-eye on that day.

Fun fact though, it seems that the reason why Katsumi Kumano went to France is because he wanted to create a perfect French toast for Sayuri-san. Unfortunately, what Kumano learned upon arriving in France is that the French toast wasn’t originated in its home country. But hey, at least he learned French cuisine so it’s all good there!

Meanwhile at the Tourism Board, seems that Shiori had another idea as she wanted to use kombu seeweeds for her soumen dish upon eating kombu flake-coated rice balls from the Local Cuisine Society.

Also, it’s revealed that Shiori and the rest of the Tourism Board are gonna compete at Manoyama’s Summer Festival because they don’t wanna get beaten by the Board of Merchants as they’re entering too.

And so, the Summer Festival at Manoyama has begun and the Tourism Board have come up with a nice dish that’ll be fitting for the Kingdom of Chupakabura.

Made from kombu seaweed flakes and other local ingredients, this is Tourism Board’s latest entry into the competition: Happy Soumen!

As for the taste? Seems that the locals love it including Kumano, which he likes how the dish complements with the kombu seaweed.

Gotta say, it’s gonna be a smash hit the local folks as Manoyama decided that Happy Soumen is the signature dish… even though it didn’t won any awards!

Meanwhile, seems that Queen Yoshino Koharu has a surprise of her own as she showed a soumen-making machine from Dokushima Laboratory! And it’s not just a soumen-making machine…

…but it’s interactive too as you can eat soumen while sliding down. C’mon, let’s pretend that Yoshino is at the water slide!

And by the way, turns out that it’s not all that automatic as Busujima is serving soumen. He should have work more with the soumen-making machine.

With that said, Manoyama’s Summer Festival is a blast and the cuisine contest was a success!

One last thing, seems that both Sayuri Shinomiya and Katsumi Kumano are having a personal chat after Shiori paired them up inside the palace. You know, would be nice if they become a married couple in the future!

Anyways, all’s well that ends well on this episode of Sakura Quest! I’ll see you next week…

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