Sakurada Reset Episode #09

Let’s go back to the past where Misora Haruki couldn’t do a reset via Kei Asai’s orders or even on her own.

If she can’t perform her ability well, Misora might get rejected by Kei-kun as she’s scared for it to happen.

Meanwhile, Kei Asai is still languishing in regards to Sumire Souma’s death as he receive a call from the Bureau. Of course, Asai claims that she’s alive before the reset, but the Bureau told Kei that he’s lying and stated that Souma’s death was an accident with no special abilities involved.

Hmm, I wonder if the Bureau is hiding the truth behind Sumire’s death? I mean in the previous episode, the Witch foretold Kei that Sumire would become her successor. With that said, I feel that the Bureau would become the antagonists in the future as they lied about Souma’s fate.

So, Asai went to the site where his friend disappeared. As he search around for clues, Kei-kun was greeted by a female climber.

Anyways, this woman named Sasane Ukawa knows Sumire Souma in which she saw Kei’s friend lost her footing and fell into the river.

Also, Sasane-san is guessing that Kei Asai is contemplating suicide after hearing about Sumire’s death, which I don’t think he’ll do that. But seriously, she should have rescued Sumire Souma when Sasane-san has a chance!

In any case, it seems that Kei Asai has got better after talking to Sasane Ukawa. Not sure if Sasane-san will return in future episodes however.

But thanks to Sasane-san, seems that Kei-kun is determined to save countless lives as he joined the Service Club together with Misora Haruki, which she got her reset ability back. Anyways, I’ll see you next week for the start of the new arc which will be told… in reverse.

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