Clockwork Planet Episode #09

Hello everyone as Marie Bell Breguet found a place where automatons will be repaired without any costs. Then again, it looks so shady…

And not only that, but this strip club/black automaton hospital is owned by Meister Conrad, of all people. Damn that old geezer, he’s holding two sexbots standing beside him!

Anyways, this place is obviously filled with sex automatons that Conrad fixed so that they could entertain him and his guests.

But seriously though, Marie and the rest should have go to the back door instead of the front. I mean, going through the front door will be greeted by these scantily-clad ladies, which Naoto doesn’t want his daughter AnchoR to look at it!

But now, it’s time for serious business as Naoto and Marie must make a plan on stopping Yatsukahagi, all while Conrad is trying to fix the automatons who are affected by the electro-magnetic pulse.

While the Tokyo government and the military are trying many ways to destroy the giant automaton like employing a satellite weapon, Naoto Miura got an idea of taking over the Pillar of Heaven which will have a chance of destroying Yatsukahagi as the automaton is completing its recharge in about 66.5 hours.

As for the repairs, Meister Conrad will do his best to fix both Vainney Halter and his colleague Vermouth, as well as RyuZU where her gears are either magnetized or melted due to generating heat to counter the pulse.

For Vainney Halter, Marie Bell Breguet asked Conrad to prepare a spare body in 12 hours because she need Vainney’s strength to destroy Yatsukahagi and its personnel who are manning the giant automaton. As for that Vermouth guy…

Well, Conrad will just transfer his memory onto this female automaton because why not! I mean, it’s better than being stuck as a head and let’s just say that Vermouth wants to fondle his (or her) own tits.

Anyways, time is of the essence as Marie Bell Breguet and her friends must prepare to stop Yatsukahagi before the military did something stupid!

But first, Naoto Miura wants to unwind at Ueno Grid together with AnchoR because c’mon, there’s plenty of time to make preparations and Naoto wants his daughter to have fun as a little girl instead of a weapon.

On the other hand, I wonder where is Marie? I mean, she’s missing all the fun at Ueno!

Oh, she’s fixing RyuZU by repairing parts in the quickest way possible. Would it be better if she’ll shout “ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA~!!!” or the classic “ATATATATATATATA~!” when Marie is fixing RyuZU’s internals!

Anyways, let’s hope that she successfully repaired Naoto’s waifu ’cause next week’s episode will have them storming the Pillar of Heaven and stop the giant automaton.

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