Saenai Heroine no Sodatekata ♭ Episode #08

Oh look everyone, it’s Tomoya Aki as he tries to block Megumi Kato and talk about Blessing Software’s next game.

Yeah, doing the classic “kabedon” is great and all that but Mr. Ethical looked so silly when he got a mark on his forehead for falling asleep during class! Anyways, it’s time for Tomoya-kun…

…to show the outline for their next game as it’ll be based around Megumi Kato’s image, but it’s more on molding the boring heroine into something more unique like showing raw emotions that’ll make the player fall in love with that character!

That’s right, no more extra routes or anything that’ll lose focus on the sole heroine, which posed those problems on Blessing Software’s first game in which it adds some time-travelling bullshit that Utaha-sempai made back in Season 1, as well as that questionable last route made by Tomoya-kun in which both heroines got a happy ending.

Even though Aki made a good proposal for the second game, seems that Kato doesn’t buy it. Not just because his proposal was bad, but Megumi is still mad on being left out when things went south. I mean, Tomoya is busy tending the likes of both Utaha Kasumigaoka and Eriri Spencer Sawamura that Megumi Kato felt pretty lonely. Oh and as for Michiru Hyoudou? Nah, her route is done in Season 1 so she’s not that relevant on the second season.

With that said, Tomoya Aki wants to reconcile with Megumi Kato as he promised her on not leaving things behind and see it until the end.

After all, it’s his fault for leaving Megumi out in the loop and seriously, Megumi is very important as she’s not only a capable programmer but she’s the unsung heroine for making the first game successful!

Then again, she’s crying because Megumi’s feeling was hurt that she got mad at Tomoya for being an ungrateful bastard he is during the development.

Yeah, it’s Tomoya Aki’s fault and no matter how many apologies he made, Megumi Kato won’t forgive him for keeping secrets behind her back and besides, what Tomoya and his team needs to do is to move forward and work closely together for their next project. Then again, I’m worried about Eriri having a hard time getting out in her slump, as well as Utaha-sempai getting more busy with her novels and university life!

For now, Megumi Kato will stay at Tomoya Aki’s house for a sleepover. You know, both Tomoya and Megumi looked good together as a married couple!

Anyways, I’ll see you on the next episode and I wonder what happened to the rest of the cast?

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