Kabukibu! Episode #09

Hey everyone, it’s time for Kaoru Asagi to do her stuff as she becomes the star of the drama club, playing as the lead role ’cause the drama club president said so.

Unofficially known as the Takarazuka club due to having female actors (at the expense of the boys taking up backstage roles), the drama club is built with Kaoru Asagi in mind!

And as you can see, Kaoru’s graceful acting and her charming looks has gathered a large female crowd because of it.

C’mon, the girls are falling in love with Asagi and it’s no wonder that they wanted to see her, whether she’s either on the kabuki club or even the drama club!

Speaking of the kabuki club, they’re here to watch Kaoru-sempai’s acting at the backstage and they’re impressed by it.

Well, it’s amazing that Asagi has enough energy to do double-duty for both clubs, although I’m worried that she might collapse at any moment if Kaoru-sempai is not careful.

But let’s go back to Kaoru Asagi as she’s greeted by her fans and it looks like Kaoru-sempai can’t catch a break!

Fortunately, Tonbo Murase saves the day when he approached Kaoru-sempai and asked her to carry some stuff to the club room.

It’s a good excuse for Murase to escort a star away from the fans because Asagi is very tired.

See, she just fainted after two days of acting. Gotta say that it was a second time that Tonbo Murase rescued Kaoru Asagi from sticky situations and I give props to Kurogo’s friend!

Now then, let’s return to the kabuki club as they’re planning to do a presentation for the new student welcome party.

However, there’s a problem though as Tsurami Tomi has some bad news. It’s not because the kabuki club is blocked from presenting, it’s because of Shin Akutsu as he has bad tests scores. Oh, and his weakest subject is English.

Yeah, seems that Shin will have to hit the books because if he fails the next English test, Akutsu will be barred from doing club activities for the time being.

Well, seems that Shin Akutsu is more troublesome than I thought. Then again, the fact that he’s a good performer despite being stupid and having an off-tune voice is baffling to me!

So while Shin Akutsu is studying English in order to pass the test, Shozo Tomi has found an instructor that’ll help the club members on improving their acting skills.

Yeah, it’ll be beneficial for the kabuki club as they’re starting to recruit new members. However, there’s a catch though as it involves a certain person from the club. Hmm, I’m curious to see that!

Meanwhile, here’s Jin Ebihara as his father talked about Shin Akutsu and how he’s related to his son. Naturally, Jin would say no to that matter because Shin-kun is an amateur… yet he’s pretty good in kabuki because his mother trained Shin to be an actor.

Now, I have to say that while Jin Ebihara is so arrogant yet angsty at the same time, especially when he watched the kabuki club’s performance on the previous episode, seems that it’s time for some speculation regarding Jin’s father. It appears that Jin’s father tried to name his son as Shin, but he decided to choose Jin instead and the rest is history.

I don’t know if this proven true but I feel that the name Shin was given to someone else. Someone like Shin Akutsu…

…as he’s invited to visit the Ebihara residence together with Kurogo Kurusu. Now then, could it be that Shin Akutsu has the same biological father as Jin Ebihara? Not only that, I was wondering if Jin’s father happened to be a former actor to boot?

Anyways, we’ll find that out on the next episode as it’ll be interesting to see that big reveal!

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