Shingeki no Kyojin Episodes #26 – #28

Hey everyone, here’s Sasha Blouse and Conny Springer as both of them are sitting there…

…watching the horizon while Bertholdt Hoover and Reiner Braun are playing chess. Too bad that their vacation will be short-lived…

Turns out, Wall Rose has been broken and titans are flocking in. That’s right boys and girls, it’s back and it gets worse from there right after Annie Leonhardt’s defeat at the hands of Eren Jaeger!

With that said, it’s up to the Recon (or Survey) Corps to retreat and inform the civilians to evacuate immediately. Then again, most of them aren’t lucky to get out alive…

This includes Miche Zacharias in which he acted as a bait to lure the titans away from the rest of the Recon Corps. Unfortunately, Miche got bitten and his horse was crushed…

…by this hairy titan who is not only abnormal, but also has an ability to speak human language. Yeah, this revelation will send shockwaves across the Recon Corps if they learn about it.

But as for Miche Zacharias, he’s left to die instead of telling the Recon Corps of what he saw. It’s sucks though because it’ll be beneficial for Commander Erwin Smith to unlock the secrets of why titans existed into this world.

Speaking of titan, it turns out that there’s one at Wall Sina and it’s a shocker for the Recon Corps to see it.

In fact, Hanji Zoe got angry at Pastor Nick for not telling the Recon Corps that there are titans inside the wall and why did this happen. Something tells me that there’s a conspiracy going on here!

Meanwhile, Eren Jaeger is about to leave Wall Rose together with Mikasa Ackerman and Armin Arlert. After all, humanity will be doomed if the Recon Corps will be wiped out.

Along with Hanji Zoe, Levi, and Pastor Nick, they’re packing up and relocate their operations to somewhere safe. Let’s hope that the Recon Corps can come back strong and reclaim what’s lost from those titans!

Now let’s go back to the rest of the Recon Corps as they’re trying to tell the civilians to retreat. One soldier named Sasha Blouse as she went to the forest where she used to live as a hunter.

However, what she found out is that her hometown is already abandoned. Don’t know on whether the villagers have already escaped or they got eaten by titans, but Sasha felt a bit sad on her homecoming!

Well, except for the fact that there’s one child who got stranded and it’s up to Sasha on saving the kid from being titan food.

Hell, she even managed to fight back against a titan with only a bow and arrow. Anyways, I applaud on Sasha’s bravery on this occasion as she successful rescued a child!

Still, the northern area might have the least amount of casualties…

…compared to the southern area where Conny Springer’s hometown already decimated by the titans.

While there’s no indication on whether the civilians escaped or they got eaten, this situation is far more grim compared to Sasha’s as his family might have not run away from the titans.

Heck, Reiner Braun told Conny to get a hold of himself and carry his mission. Then again, Conny is still shaken upon seeing his house being trampled with no indication on whether his family is alive or not.

Regardless, they continue to inform the remaining civilians to flee their hometown and save themselves.

Of course, those unfortunate souls will have to abandon everything in order to survive. It’s the most miserable thing you’ll ever see when titans come to your town.

Even Pastor Nick from the Church of the Walls saw the despair that these civilians face when they abandon their peaceful lives.

Well, seems that Levi’s method of forcing this minister to see this horrible scene has worked. Let’s see if Pastor Nick can say anything regarding the secrets of those titans.

Turns out, Pastor Nick gave them a hint that this certain person holds the key to unlock the secrets regarding the existence of titans. In fact, that person exists within the Recon Corps’s ranks.

Anyways, it’s revealed that Krista Lenz is the person who knows the secret how the titans came to this world.

Of course, it’ll be a tougher one to convince Krista on telling those secrets to the Recon Corps when her companion Ymir Fritz is guarding her at all times.

And apart from that, she’s currently under Nanaba’s squad when they’re pretty much stuck against a horde of titans. And they think that they’ll be safe inside an abandoned castle, huh? Too bad that staying inside is a bad idea!

Well, I’m pretty much done with the first 3 episode of Shingeki no Kyojin Season 2 and while I’m pretty much late in the party, I’ll make sure that I’ll play catch up on watching the rest of the series! As for Season 2, seems that the odds are against the Recon Corps as they try to find clues on how those titans exists and they almost had one if it wasn’t for Annie encapsulating herself.

With that said, I’ll see you next time and let’s hope that Eren Jaeger and his friends can save Krista and the rest of the Recon Corps.

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