Eromanga-sensei Episode #09

Today’s episode won’t feature Sagiri Izumi as it’ll be focus on Elf Yamada. As you can see, Elf Yamada is wearing a bikini…

…for Masamune Izumi, which he was invited by Elf for a summer camp at her personal island. Yes, this is for research and data gathering in order to improve their writing skills, not playing beach volleyball and swimming!

Also, seems that Masamune didn’t turn on with Elf’s swimsuit as his heart belongs to Sagiri, which it’ll take time to tell his feelings towards his step-sister.

On the other hand, here’s Muramasa Senju as she was also invited as well because Muramasa wants to read Masamune’s rejected works.

Then again, Muramasa is so embarrassed in her swimwear that she accused Elf Yamada of switching her bikini to a lewder one!

Fortunately, Masamune-kun offered his jacket to cover herself up. Gotta say that he’s a gentlemen, but Masamune’s heart wasn’t swooned by Muramasa-sempai’s looks.

Oh yeah, I forgot to introduce Elf Yamada’s big brother named Chris, who is the editor of Full-Drive Bunko and he sometimes put a leash on Elf when she’s procrastinating as seen in Episode 5.

Come to think of it, does this guy looked like Oberon? Nah, it can’t be!

But anyways, Chris Yamada asked Masamune Izumi to marry his little sister Elf in which Masamune was shocked about it.

Sure that Chris didn’t say that Masamune should marry Elf right away, but he wants his sister to have a bright future with Masamune-kun instead of someone else. Also, Chris holding Masamune in a forceful manner might misunderstand people…

One example is Kunimitsu Shidou who thinks that both Chris Yamada asked Masamune Izumi are into that sort of relationship. Basically, it’s yaoi but Masumune-kun denies that he is gay towards Chris-san!

And as for Elf Yamada, seems that she’s eager to marry Masamune Izumi as she told her real name towards her future husband.

Well, her real name is Emily Yamada and she wants to be with Masamune for the rest of her life, because Emily told her mother that she’ll find a suitable partner instead of being handpicked by her sole parent. That’s right, her mother is the only parent she has as Emily’s father died recently which is sad to hear that.

Of course, that depends on Masamune on whether he’ll marry Elf Yamada or decline her proposal. But then again, his heart belongs to Sagiri and I wonder when will Masamune will spit it out on how he loves his sister.

Anyways, I’m done with this week’s episode and I’ll see you next time! Of course, Sagiri is very lonesome without her brother as she’s doing illustrations for Masamune’s newest light novel series.

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