Re:CREATORS Episode #09

Well, let’s start this episode with Magane Chikujouin as she’s annoyed that she got more ketchup on her hotdog… except that it’s not tomato ketchup by the way as it turned out to be blood from someone else.

Someone like Mamika Kirameki as she’s closer to death. Naturally, Magane got curious and went there to see a dying magical girl.

And of course, this prompted Alisteria February to save Mamika from Magane’s evil clutches as the knight pointed her lance towards the troll.

But given that Alisteria is talking to a freakin’ troll like Magane, she’ll just tell the knight that it was Meteora Estherreich who killed Mamika Kirameki, despite the fact that it was Alisteria’s boss Altair who throw rapiers at that poor magical girl.

Seriously Alisteria February, you shouldn’t believe in trolls like Chikujouin because she’s manipulating you into fighting Selesia Yupitilia and her allies. What an idiot!

Anyways, Alisteria will carry her vengeance against Meteora as Mamika’s body turned into bits of data. Honestly, Alisteria February should focus on taking down Altair as the military-clad princess wants to destroy the real-world just because Souta Mizushino abandoned his friend.

And speaking of Mizushino, he was confronted by Chikujouin yet again as she told him that Mamika was killed by Meteora.

But given that Souta knows that she’s a consummate liar, Magane decided to break him down by telling him that it was his fault for letting Mamika Kirameki die at the hands of Altair.

Yeah, seems that Souta is devastated upon learning Mamika’s death and wow, someone needs to get a hold of him while taking out that troll!

Fortunately though, help is on the way for Souta Mizushino…

…as Yuuya Mirokuji arrived to rescue Souta-kun and tell Magane Chikujouin to fuck off!

Glad that Yuuya managed to came at the right time, but it’ll be a pain in the ass to beat Magane…

…especially when she has the power to turn anything into a lie. Basically, Mirokuji’s spirit Hangaku and his sword Kuronagimaru won’t work when Chikujouin will just nullify it.

So, Meteora Estherreich told Yuuya Mirokuji that the only way to beat Magane Chikujouin’s reality-bending abilities is the kill her off. But it’s easier said than done!

Then again, would it be better if they don’t listen to Magane’s lies? Of course, it’s too late now and Magane is very tired today, so she decided to send someone to fight both Meteora and Yuuya.

That happened to be none other than Alisteria February as she’s out for blood against Meteora Estherreich. Convincing Alisteria that it was Altair who killed Mamika Kirameki won’t work this time!

Anyways, I’ll see you on the next episode and damn, Magane Chikujouin is such a magnificent troll she is!

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  1. kawaiipaperpandas says:

    Magane is such a great villain though! This episode was so well done. I am happy we are seeing more progression with Sota and Magane. Alice-chan on the other hand is getting trolled SO hard by Magane. But she did tell the truth only by rewording what she heard from Mamika, so in a way it wasn’t exactly a lie. Magane will be a tough one to crack since her power is off the charts. I can’t wait to see what happens next!

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