Little Witch Academia Episode #22

Alright everyone, looks like it’s time for Professor Ursula on telling the last magic word as well as her true identity.

And she would have told it right away to Atsuko Kagari if it wasn’t for Sucy Manbavaran, Lotte Yanson, and Diana Cavendish interrupting the big reveal!

Seriously you three, why do you have to ruin this crucial moment? It’s for the future of magic! Then again, science is taking over everything from medicine to everyday tasks.

Anyways, Akko went to see Andrew Hanbridge as he wants to return the witch hat to Kagari. But with the ongoing trouble regarding that controversial goal during a friendly match, Andrew wished that there would be someone who can stop this mess.

Of course, Atsuko Kagari told Andrew that Shiny Chariot will calm those hooligans down by bringing happiness through magic. Then again, Andrew told her that it be better if she’ll do it rather than wait for Chariot.

Unfortunately, Andrew and Akko’s chit-chat got interrupted as the hooligans got so feisty that they want to declare war against a country over a freakin’ football game!

Damn, that escalated quickly and I have to say that this situation reminds me of an wiki article about the real-life conflict called The Football War. Seriously, is Studio Trigger bringing obscure history into our anime?

Of course, Professor Croix will take advantage of this situation as she told Atsuko Kagari that she’s sucking all the negative emotions and turn into Noir Fuel Spirit, which Croix will use it for her own version of the world restoration magic.

Well, that truly betrayed Akko very much and honestly, I think Croix’s method won’t work well on unlocking the Grand Triskelion as it might back-fire and turn it for the worse!

On the other hand, Professor Ursula arrived to not only rescue Atsuko Kagari, but also stop Professor Croix from using human emotions for unlocking the Grand Triskelion.

However, she was eaten by Croix’s machinations but then again, they’re made from magic cubes so it’s easy for Ursula to get out!

See, she’s gonna use her magic to get herself free, which also revealed herself as the legendary Shiny Chariot! Well, Ursula should have revealed her secret identity earlier…

Heck, even Akko was shocked that her idol is her own professor all along! But, this prompted Professor Croix to tell Atsuko Kagari about the horrible truth that Ursula or Chariot du Nord is using dreams, including Kagari, to convert into magic. Hence, it was revealed that Atsuko Kagari couldn’t use her broom because Shiny Chariot used her dreams to create Dream Fuel Spirit.

Wow, that was a shocking revelation and although Chariot’s method is no different from Croix, I have to say that Croix’s method of creating magic is far more evil than her former friend. Of course, Akko thinks that it was all just a lie but I wish someone would slap Kagari to her senses on the next episode!

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