Atom: The Beginning Episode #07

Well, seems that both Hiroshi Ochanomizu and Umataro Tenma are friends again after the previous episode.

Of course, Moriya Tsutsumi insists on recruiting Ochanomizu to Lab 1, leaving Tenma behind because his research are nothing but trash. Then again, Umataro will force Moriya to eat his words later…

For now, this episode focuses on Hiroshi’s sister named Ran Ochanomizu. Yeah, you saw her multiple times already but this episode shows how Ran gathers junk parts in order to create a humanoid robot.

And with the help of her club-mates, Ran Ochanomizu has finally created one named Princess Teru, which it’s set for the Junior Rescue Robot Competition. Of course, the Tokyo-based Sanpoji High School will have to make some adjustments in order for Princess Teru to move efficiently without falling into pieces, something that Ran and her mates are having trouble about it.

On the other hand, A106, Motoko Tsutsumi, and Hiroshi Ochanomizu paid a visit to Ran’s robotics club and while they can’t help them due to being a junior competition, Hiroshi offered some advice to Ran’s team on winning the competition.

Sure that Hiroshi would give them some helpful tips on completing the course in one piece, but Ran’s team-mates are worried that she might see them as hindrances. Then again, Ran-chan isn’t the person who could do such a thing!

Anyways, it’s time for the Junior Rescue Robot Competition held at Nerima University. This competition aims to bolster new ideas in order for robots to become more useful in disaster situations. Ever since the Great Catastrophe happened many years ago, the government needs rescue robots when another disaster happens.

In any case, Ran and her team are the last entry to compete where they must find the victim and head for the goal. So far, Princess Teru is doing its job pretty well!

Then again, only a few people who are interested on this competition. Heck, even Umataro find it boring!

On top of that, Tenma has some doubts that while Sanpoji High School created a humanoid robot that can perform various tasks, he thinks that Princess Teru might break itself due to having low-quality parts.

And just when Princess Teru is about to cross the finish line, seems that Ran and her team got a snag that their humanoid robot couldn’t go down the stairs.

Should they proceed to go down, it might lose its footing and fall into a million pieces.

Well, seems that Ran Ochanomizu will have to give up this competition, but her team-mates have other plans as they don’t want to throw the towel when they’re close on completing the course.

So, Ran’s team-mates came up with alternate mode for Princess Teru in which it transforms into a quadruped robot.

Yeah, it might not be a bipedal robot anymore but it helps on keeping stability when going down the stairs.

And not only that, but it’s helpful when the stage is about to crumble itself due to sheer weight, plus some wear and tear too when competitors try their best to complete the course.

Wait a minute, I feel that it’s gonna be a disaster happening on this episode and Princess Teru might not complete the course at all due to being unstable at the moment!

Good thing A106 managed to carry Ran’s robot like a princess and completed the course. But due to Six’s intervention, the judges are having a hard time whether Sanpoji High School should be disqualified or not.

Ultimately, the judges have decided that Sanpoji High School didn’t break the rules and they’re impressed on how Princess Teru performed well compared with the rest of the competitors. However, Ran Ochanomizu and her team-mates decided not to take the trophy as they think that they’re not deserving to win because A106 intervened. And besides, it’s the organizers fault for not checking the rigidity of the course itself.

Lastly, seems that this mysterious lady from Episode 2 has finally showed up as she invited both Ochanomizu and Tenma to compete at the Robot Wrestling Tournament. Oh, and she’s not alone…

…as the lady brought this familiar robot known as Mars. Well, seem that this strongest robot wants to challenge A106 and settle the score once and for all after their brief encounter during Episode 2.

Oh yeah, and it seems that Umataro is eager to have Six compete in the Robo-Wres Tournament as he won’t forget that time where Ran got attacked by Mars.

With that said, I’m hoping that both Tenma and Ochanomizu will join the tournament on the next episode as I can’t wait for A106 to have a real rematch against one of the best robots in the world!

One more thing, here’s Ran Ochanomizu as she told her team-mates that she loves Princess Teru’s alternate mode. Not only that, but they started to get closer towards Ran-chan after the competition, which is great news since she’s somewhat introvert and doesn’t have many friends.

Anyways, I’ll see you next time and let’s hope that the studio can play catch-up with the remaining episodes.

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