Shingeki no Kyojin Episodes #29 – #31

Well, seems that Reiner Braun got a bit tense over a can of meat…

…which has this strange characters that only Ymir Fritz can read it. Then again, why it needs to get so trivial over canned food?

Now then, it’s time for Episodes 29 to 31 as Nanaba’s squad are trapped inside an abandoned castle and while the rookies will have to sit back because they don’t have their 3D Maneuver Gear, Nanaba and the rest of the veterans will hold off the line until reinforcements have arrived.

Of course, I’m worried that the gas on their 3D Maneuver Gear will run out and their blades will get dull until they’re no longer usable.

And speaking of the rookies, looks like one small titan has breached inside the tower and Conny might get himself killed if he couldn’t move out of the way quickly.

Fortunately, Reiner Braun managed to rescue Conny from his inevitable demise by pushing him out…

…so that Reiner can wrestle this titan even though his arm got bitten. Y’know, it would be nice if Reiner could do a backbreaker against this titan.

But then again, he’s at his limit and so this titan got kicked out by Ymir. Well, so much for Reiner smacking that titan down and it sucks that his right arm is out of commission for the time being.

But hey, at least Nanaba’s squad are doing their best to keep those titans away from the castle, right?

Well, not quite as the senior members of the Recon Corps have died and turned into titan food. You’ll surely be missed, Nanaba and company!

Meanwhile, looks like Ymir Fritz has decided to fight this hopeless battle is because she made a promise to Krista Lenz to survive and other encouraging things to her. Of course, Ymir’s dedication to protect Krista goes further…

In fact, the reason why Ymir Fritz joined the trainee corps when Krista Lenz is there is because Ymir knows Krista’s secret as an illegitimate child of a prominent noble, which she overheard it from one of the priests.

And since some people don’t want Krista’s existence to be known by others, they decided to do whatever it takes to kill her. Thus, Ymir decided to protect Krista at all cost because she’s motivated by revenge on those who abandoned her!

And so, Ymir swore her life to protect Krista at all costs. But then again, all she has is a knife and Ymir Fritz jumped towards a swarm of titans until this happens…

…in which Ymir transformed into a freakin’ titan! What the fuck, so it seems that it’s not only Eren who can transform into one, but Ymir too!? Wow, just wow!

Heck, even Krista and the rest couldn’t believe that their ally transformed into a titan. Then again, having Ymir as a titan would be beneficial during this current predicament.

I mean, they don’t have their gear nor anything that can defend themselves, save for Conny’s knife in which Ymir used it for her transformation.

In any case, Ymir Fritz tries to push the titans away from Krista by throwing bricks at them… which came from the tower she’s clinging on.

Oh, and let’s not forget that the tower has Bertholdt, Reiner, Conny, and the aforementioned Krista. So basically, what Ymir is trying to do is bringing the tower down as she flings stones at the horde of titans. Well, looks like Ymir might lose her friend if she continues to do this.

Of course, it was eventually revealed that Krista Lenz planned to topple the tower so that she and her friends can ride onto Ymir’s head and safely descend to the ground.

Yeah, it’s a smart move from Krista Lenz and not only that, but the titans got caught on the falling tower which maimed their limbs or killed them if Krista and her friends got lucky.

Unfortunately, Ymir’s heroic act was abruptly stopped when a horde of titans flocked to her humongous body and eat her until there’s nothing left.

And while Krista and the rest are safe, they’re force to watch Ymir’s titan body being chomped down.

Fortunately for Krista Lenz and her friends, the Survey Corps has arrived to save the day as titans are being killed left and right.

Hell, even Eren Jaeger scored his first kill as a Recon Corps soldier. Of course, he has a long way to go as Eren is still a greenhorn!

Anyways, the siege at Utgard Castle is over and the surviving soldiers has been rescued. However, the Survey Corps will have to assess on what happened before reinforcements have arrived.

First of all is the revelation that Ymir Fritz is a titan as the Recon Corps carry her upwards and examine her.

By the way, seems that Ymir Fritz is alive but she lost her leg and was put into a coma. At least Ymir didn’t encapsulate herself into a crystal.

On the other hand, Krista Lenz told Hanji Zoe that Ymir Fritz transformed into a titan and not only that, but Krista revealed her name as Historia Reiss.

Of course, this revelation is quite a shocker for the Recon Corps and while they can’t believe on how Ymir transformed into a titan, having Historia or Krista would be beneficial unless the Recon Corps loses her either by accident or sabotage.

Meanwhile, Hannes from the Garrison delivered some bad news that no hole was found, which begs the question on how those titans broke through Wall Rose?

Could it be that there’s someone who let those titans in, or some special titan who is big enough to hurl smaller ones inside the wall? Hmm, the plot thickens if you could say that…

Lastly, here’s Reiner Braun and Bertholdt Hoover as they asked Eren Jaeger to join them and go outside the wall.

Not only that but it was revealed that both Reiner Braun and Bertholdt Hoover are actually known as the Armored Titan and the Colossal Titan, respectively. Really guys, are you pulling Eren’s leg with that awful joke?

Of course, being that both Reiner and Bertholdt are coercing Eren into something terrible, Mikasa Ackerman stormed in to save Eren from these two traitors!

Why they’re being branded as traitors if you may ask? That’s because both Reiner Braun and Bertholdt Hoover collaborated with Annie Leonhardt on taking Eren Jaeger down during the expedition outside the wall. Well, that’s something…

But let’s go back to Reiner and Bertholdt as- Wait, there’s no way that they’re gonna transform into titans!?

Oh dammit, they really did as Reiner and Bertholdt have transformed into titans! Even the military were caught off-guard as Bertholdt transformed into the Colossal Titan and capture Ymir Fritz!

Of course, this prompted Eren Jaeger to transform into a titan and beat the hell out of Reiner Braun for betraying humanity!

Wow, so many revelations that happened on these 3 episodes, and I can’t imagine why the rest of humanity are kept out of the loop with those conspiracies like Krista being born to a controversial noble family, as well as some people within the military who are stabbing their comrades in the back.

While I’m still playing catch-up with the remaining episodes, let’s hope that there would be answers before the 2nd season will end at the end of June.

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