Rokudenashi Majutsu Koushi to Akashic Records Episode #10

Hey everyone, this is Sistine’s parents as they welcome her friends to the Fibel household…

…specifically Re-L Rayford as Mr. and Mrs. Fibel are delighted that their daughter has a new friend aside from Rumia Tingel.

Gotta say that Re-L is doing fine now after the previous story arc. Still, she wants to draw her sword most of the time and point it towards Glenn Radars, which he doesn’t like it at all!

Now then, it’s time for the 4th story arc where a new character is introduced named Leos Kleitos who is not only a respectable magic instructor, but also Sistine Fibel’s fiance in which he swore to make Sistine his wife.

Wow, that escalated quickly and also, congratulations to Sistine Fibel!

Then again, it appears that she’s not happy on marrying Leos as Sistine has a dream of exploring the mysterious Sky Castle of Melgalius.

Of course, Leos Kleitos told her that she shouldn’t waste her time on doing impossible things, something that Sistine won’t agree to it because she promised to her grandfather on going to the elusive castle.

And that’s where Glenn Radars sprang into the scene, telling Leos Kleitos that Sistine Fibel is in love with him and therefore she wants to marry her bastard magic teacher instead of her childhood friend.

Oh yeah and to put more salt into Leos’ wounds, Glenn received a kiss from Sistine. Well, that was the time where he lost consciousness back in Episode 8.

This prompted Leos Kleitos to challenge Glenn Radars into a duel to see who’s the best magic instructor ever, which Mr. Radars agree to it!

So while Glenn is a capable magic instructor since he’s a former member of the Imperial Court Mage Corps, Leos has a vast knowledge of military-class magic that he can explain complex theories to an average person very well. Yeah, seems that Mr. Radars got an uphill battle ahead!

Of course, Glenn Radars won’t get any help from the likes of Albert who told him that it’s his fault for challenging Leos Kleitos. Also, Albert told Glenn that a dangerous object called Angel’s Dust was smuggled inside the Alzano Empire.

While Mr. Radars couldn’t believe it as he previously destroyed the formula on Angel’s Dust, Albert told him not to get involved on the case. In fact, one person named Sara Silvers was killed upon using Angel’s Dust that it pisses Glenn Radars off because of that incident, hence Albert’s warning about it.

One last thing, seems that Leos Kleitos is talking to a shady person, which I feel that something’s fishy going on with Leos.

But anyways, I’ll see you next week for the penultimate episode and I’m worried on whether Glenn would win or not.

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