Sakura Quest Episode #10

This is Ririko Oribe when she was a young girl and while she’s a genius, Ririko’s awkwardness has alienated some of her peers until Shiori Shinomiya befriended her.

Honestly, I feel that Ririko needs more love and while she has Yoshino Koharu and the rest of the royal court, it seems that Ririko couldn’t mingle with them.

Now then, Yoshino Koharu and her royal court are brainstorming to attract tourists into visiting Manoyama. Anyways, they want to attract young single women who are interested on visiting the countryside and eventually staying there indefinitely.

Of course, this involves a sake brewery tour, a firefly show, and an opportunity to learn the traditional Manoyama dance… Oh, and it also involves young single men too but I wonder if they’re attractive?

Anyways, it’s time for Queen Yoshino Koharu and Maki Midorikawa to meet the guest and show them how great Manoyama is.

Oh yeah, and these three ladies are the tourists on this occasion. Come to think of it, they’re not very attractive to be honest but that’s just me!

But hey, they’re interested on visiting Manoyama and explore what’s good on this town.

One more thing, seems that the tour will have single men from the community club. In fact, what these guys want is to hook up with one of the female visitors.

Then again, they don’t look so attractive at all. Hell, faking their age won’t do any favors!

But anyways, seems that the visitors are having fun with the locals. It’ll be a great mixer here in Manoyama…

…until Mr. Sandal appeared in which the ladies are eyeing on him when Sandal plays the violin.

Well, seems that the guys will have to step it up or Mr. Sandal will steal the ladies if they can’t act fast! Just kidding, he’s not interested in girls as Sandal is a travelling bard.

Finally, here’s something special for the visitors are the singles’ tour ends with a barbecue party, and a dance performance courtesy of Queen Yoshino Koharu and her ministers.

By the way, it is said that the Manoyama Dance is performed to drive the water dragon away from the town. Still, they sure dance well but something tells me that one person is missing…

Oh, it’s none other than Ririko Oribe as she doesn’t want to perform the Manoyama Dance together with her friends. What a shame…

Unfortunately, the barbecue/dance performance was ruined by a sudden rainstorm and thus Yoshino and the rest went to a nearby shelter.

What a way to spoil the festivities when things are getting good!

Oh, and it gets worse from there as one of the tourists bumped a statue where it happened to be the water dragon that resided in Manoyama.

Well, seems that Chitose Oribe won’t like this when she heard that the statue of the water dragon got broken!

With that said, they’re screwed and I wonder what’s gonna happen on the next episode?

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