Sakurada Reset Episode #10

Oh look, more insight into Kei Asai’s past upon landing to Sakurada. While he’s fascinated by the abilities that wielded within the town, it wasn’t until Kei developed his own ability in which he can remember anything.

This prompted the Bureau to act and told Asai to stay in Sakurada for unspecific reasons. Hell, they even go as far as bribing Kei’s parents just to deny his existence prior to his migration to Sakurada.

Of course, he doesn’t mind having his past being taken away by the Bureau and that’s how Kei Asai became what he was today. But you know what, would it be better if his backstory was explored a bit?

Now then, it’s time for the climax of this episode where Tomoki Nakano received a message from Sumire Souma, asking if she can hear her own voice.

Of course, this message is meant for her future self and this prompted Kei Asai to bring back her friend no matter what. Then again, his method would be a complicated one and while he still has the MacGuffin, Kei won’t use it.

So with some help from Youka Murase, Yousuke Sakagami, and Misora Haruki’s respective abilities, they try to bring the dead back to life in the most impossible way!

And by using Hiroyuki Sasano’s photo of his friend, Kei-kun and his friends have managed to bring a certain person back to the land of the living…

That’s right, Sumire Souma has returned in the flesh and she finally saw Kei Asai after two years since her disappearance! Then again, there’s no explanation on why Sumire died on that day, which I speculate that it’ll be revealed in future episodes.

So with Sumire Souma back into the picture (Well, out of it), the Bureau is eyeing on Sumire as they believe that she has the ability to see the future. Of course, whether Souma will remain friends with Asai and Haruki or become the antagonist remains to be seen.

Anyways, I’ll see you on the next episode. Oh and by the way, there’s no Part 2 of this current arc because it’s already done. My bad!

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