Saenai Heroine no Sodatekata ♭ Episode #09

Well everyone, it’s time to bid farewell to Utaha Kasumigaoka as she leaves her alma mater in order to focus her college studies and her career as a novelist.

Also, she invited Mr. Ethical for a one-night stand. Just kidding, who wants Tomoya Aki to get laid?

Anyways, Tomoya showed his proposal to Utaha-sempai and it appears that she liked it than the first one.

However, it appears that she can’t do the project as usual because of her other commitments. What could it be apart from college studies and her professional career?

It turns out that both Utaha Kasumigaoka and Eriri Spencer Sawamura were scouted by Maruzu to contribute their work for the latest installment of the role-playing game called Fields Chronicle. Yeah, seems that they can’t have their time on Tomoya’s doujin group.

Of course, there’s one person who actually recruited both Utaha-sempai and Eriri in the first place. Oh, and it turned out to be a former member of Rouge en rouge. Who could that be if you may ask?

Well, this woman right here named Akane Kousaka who is the most popular manga artist at the moment and it seems that she’s actually leading the Fields Chronicle project. She looks normal, right? Until you learned that she’s actually Ms. Drill Sergeant Nasty as Akane-san told both girls to die for finishing the project, because she’s interested at them upon playing Blessing Software’s first game. Yeah, that sounds brutal!

But it gets worse from there as Akane Kousaka saw Eriri’s illustrations back in Episode 6 and told Sawamura that her work sucks in which Kousaka can copy her art-style with little to no difficulty. Damn, seems that Eriri couldn’t believe that her illustrations got a shaft because someone copied it! Yet, why would Akane-san wanted to recruit Eriri when she berated her work as low-quality? I don’t fuckin’ get it ’cause intimidation and coercion won’t contribute to a better product!

Still, this is gonna be a big crisis for Blessing Software and Megumi Kato won’t like it one bit! Will Kasumigaoka and Sawamura get out from clutches of Akane Kousaka? Find out on the next episode!

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