Kabukibu! Episode #10

Hey guys and girls, both Shin Akutsu and Kurogo Kurusu are inside the Ebihara household where it resides the legendary Shiroganeya, as well as Jin Ebihara where he’s still annoyed that both amateurs are invited.

Oh yeah, and it was none other than Shiroganeya who invited both Shin Akutsu and Kurogo Kurusu in the first place after seeing a recording of the kabuki club’s performance during Kochi Fest.

While he’s impressed by the club’s ingenuity of performing “Three Kichisas” in both modern Japan and in the Edo period, Jin’s grandfather wants to test Shin Akutsu’s acting skills as Shiroganeya is very interested on him!

Anyways, Shiroganeya wanted Shin to perform as Obo Kichisa because he wanted to know more about Akutsu’s talent as a kabuki actor.

But first, Shin must know his character well as he watched both Shiroganeya and Kurogo’s recital of “Three Kichisas”, where Shiroganeya is Ojo while Kurogo plays Obo. Afterwards, Shin remembered Obo’s lines upon looking at it and damn, gotta say that I’m surprised that he has photographic memory.

Soon, Shin performed his role as Obo Kichisa while Jin plays Ojo Kichisa. I have to say that they’re doing well with their respective roles.

So while Jin Ebihara is the clear winner as he has acting experience, seems that Shin Akutsu is starting to become like Obo Kichisa that it’s fascinating to see an amateur stacking up against a professional like Jin. Basically, it’s a tie!

But with that out of the way, it’s time to party as Kurogo Kurusu and the rest of the kabuki club finished their exams with flying colors.

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that Shin Akutsu managed to pass the English exam due to combination of his photographic memory, as well as some English lessons from Maruko Jyanome, Riri Miwayama, and Hanamichi Niwa. C’mon, he needs to pass the exams if Shin wants to perform for the kabuki club!

Also, seems that Shin is wearing a maid uniform for some odd reason. What a silly guy!

Afterwards, it’s time for Kurogo to wait for the new year to come in together with Tonbo Murase.

On the other hand, Kurogo Kurusu is thinking of performing “The Five Thieves” during the new student welcome party as it’s not only short, but Kurogo believes that it screams kabuki.

Still, they’ll have a quiet time on this occasion as they eat and celebrate New Year’s Eve!

That’s until Shin Akutsu arrived to not only celebrate New Year’s Eve with Kurogo and Tonbo, but also tell them about his family as Shiroganeya told him the truth about it.

Anyways, it turns out that Shin was born from a family of kabuki actors, which it isn’t surprising considering his talent.

However, it’s revealed that he didn’t came from the Ebihara lineage, but rather from a famous actor from the Kansai region named Sawaragiya who didn’t have a male heir at that time. Both Shin’s grandfather and great-grandfather have died in a car accident, leaving his mother to take care of her only son by training Shin into the art of kabuki.

Yeah, it was a bummer that Shin Akutsu was not related to Jin’s father, which would be a big shocker to this series if that happened. But hey, it’s in the past now as the kabuki club prepares for the new student welcome party. With that said, I’ll see you on the next episode!

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