Shingeki no Kyojin Episodes #32 – #34

Oh look, here’s the Colossal Titan as it wrecks havoc against the soldiers from both the Recon Corps and the Garrison!

Heck, even Mikasa Ackerman couldn’t believe that her two allies have become traitors in an instant. Oh, and they want Eren Jaeger on board whether he likes it or not!

Also, let’s not forget about Ymir Fritz too as she got swallowed by the Colossal Titan. Ugh, I cannot stomach this shit since Bertholdt Hoover transformed into a Titan previously!

Anyways, looks like Hanji Zoe and the rest of the Recon Corps to spring into action and aim at the nape in order to bring the Colossal Titan down.

After all, they believe that its movement is slow that the titan couldn’t react by the time the Survey Corp reach its neck.

However, the Colossal Titan has other plans as it emits steam that getting close to it would suffer 2nd to 4th degree burns.

Looks like Bertholdt knows about his weaknesses as a Colossal Titan. Now then, what about Eren Jaeger as he fights off against Rei- I mean the Armored Titan?

Oh, seems that he got easily defeated by the Armored Titan. I guess that the Armored Titan is not only tough, but also powerful!

Heck, even Eren couldn’t go toe-to-toe against his former friend as he saw a flashback upon being down and out…

One flashback involves having his ass whipped by Annie Leonhardt during his training.

Yeah, it wasn’t a pleasant memory but this gave Eren an idea that it might work against the Armored Titan.

And that’s by grappling the Armored Titan into submission that it lost one arm in the process. Way to go, Eren!

Not only that, but he got some help from Mikasa as she cut one knee joint open against the Armored Titan.

Gotta say that despite being tough, the Armored Titan is vulnerable when it comes to having exposed parts across its body.

In any case, looks like Eren Jaeger is about to win against the Armored Titan and finally avenge his mother’s death by snapping its back!

Unfortunately, it turned out to be one hell of a trap as the Colossal Titan is about to fall down towards both the Armored Titan and Eren Jaeger.

And then, this nuclear-like explosion happened as the remains of the Colossal Titan reached rock bottom. Those who got caught with this explosion will suffer severe burns!

Also, the Armored Titan chewed off Eren Jaeger from the nape. C’mon, Reiner is a titan so he knows where Eren is!

Oh, and Bertholdt took Ymir as well. Great, now the military has lost Eren and a potential suspect to uncover the secrets of the titans!

And so, one of the survivors reported to Commander Dot Pixis that they got overrun by both the Armored and the Colossal Titan, as well as losing both Eren and Ymir in which they’re important assets.

This led Commander Pixis to commence a joint operation between the Survey Corps, the Garrison, and the Military Police. Yeah, it’s a rare event where all three branches have worked together with Erwin Smith leading the operation, although the Military Police aren’t eager to fight off against the titans.

Oh yeah, and here’s Jean Kirstein at the background. Good to see him back!

Meanwhile, here’s Mikasa Ackerman as she woke up after receiving a concussion. Of course, she wants to rescue Eren right away!

However, Armin told her that it’s been roughly 4 hours since Eren was taken away. Naturally, Mikasa is pissed that she wanted to rescue Eren right away since he’s still vulnerable and somewhat naive.

Well, as much as I want Mikasa Ackerman to save her friend right now, she needs to take some rest first as Mikasa felt tired after almost killing both Reiner and Bertholdt.

Also, here’s Hannes as he told both Mikasa and Armin to take a rest and eat before going on a rescue mission to save Eren, because he deeply care for the Shiganshina trio despite being a drunk and useless Garrison soldier.

Yeah, it’s a rare sight that he’s acting like a father for both Mikasa Ackerman and Armin Arlert for once. On the other hand, I wonder what happened to Eren Jaeger?

Oh, he’s alive but Eren’s arms got chopped off because Reiner bit them off in a hurry. Sucks for Eren to lose both arms on this situation!

Also, Ymir has the same predicament where her right arm and leg got chopped off too and she’s recovering at the moment.

While they can just transform back into titans, they’re too tired to do it right now.

Also, both Reiner Braun and Bertholdt Hoover are watching them as they have their 3D Maneuver Gear with them, which they stole it from Eren Jaeger and one nameless soldier. So while they can’t transform into titans for the time being, Reiner offered a proposition to join them on their return to their hometown. Oh, and they want to take Krista Lenz with them too because Reiner has a crush on her.

Sure that this proposition would force Ymir to join their side, Eren on the other hand won’t take it because he hates both Reiner and Bertholdt for unintentionally murdering his mother a few years ago, but also for betraying humanity because they can transform into titans.

And speaking of titans, it seems that both Eren and Ymir are surrounded by them that they only thing they could do is wait until nightfall.

Damn, looks like they’re stuck between a rock and a hard place!

But not for long though as help is on its way! Of course, will Mikasa rescue Eren or she might lose her childhood friend forever?

Anyways, there are three episodes to go and I’ll see you next time for the conclusion of Season 2!

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