Atom: The Beginning Episode #08

Ladies and gentlemen, I present you the Robot Wrestling Federation where mechas fight until one of them is left standing!

It’s a test of strength to see whose robot reigns supreme. Then again, Umataro Tenma is confident that A106 can win this tournament.

Heck, he accepted Dr. Lolo’s offer of joining Robo-Wres together with Hiroshi Ochanomizu, despite his fear that Six might get wrecked by stronger and/or larger robots.

Also, seems that Shunsaku Ban is here to help both Tenma and Ochanomizu as he’s a fan of Robot Wrestling. But wait a minute, where’s Motoko Tsutsumi if you may ask?

Well, she’s at the bleachers as Motoko will be a spectator for the time being. It seems that Umataro’s mistrust over Motoko is due to her genius brother Moriya. Not surprising since Moriya considers Umataro’s research as trash!

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that Ran Ochanomizu is with her brother Hiroshi instead of Motoko Tsutsumi. I guess she wants to see Six up close.

Anyways, A106 makes its debut at the Robot Wrestling Federation as the pride of Nerima University’s Lab 7 is facing its first opponent.

This is Mohican Basso, a first-generation robot who can shock opponents and deliver rapid punches.

Oh, and here’s Mohican Basso’s operator named Linda Oishi, an old idol who has a large following within the Robo-Wres circuit!

Now then, let’s see if Linda can win against a newcomer like A106…

Unfortunately for Linda Oishi, seems that her Mohican Basso couldn’t land a hit as A106 dodges its attacks.

After all, Six is so small and nimble that first-generation robots couldn’t keep up with Tenma and Ochanomizu’s creation.

As for Linda Oishi, she’s so mad at A106 that Linda is losing her cool in front of her fans. Yeah, she’s annoyed that Six is evading Mohican Basso’s punches.

And so, Linda Oishi made a desperation move against Six as Mohican Basso charge up to deliver a devastating punch.

Heck, even the crowd are excited to see Mohican Basso’s ultimate attack. But will it connect against a pint-size powerhouse like A106?

Sadly, not a chance as Six managed to take off the mohawk from Mohican Basso, which acts as the antenna for Linda Oishi’s remote controller.

Well, it was an easy win for A106, yet the crowd doesn’t like it as Six is always dodging all the time. Honestly, the fact that it’s facing a hulking first-generation robot is not surprising due to A106’s speed.

Meanwhile, here’s this mysterious lady named Dr. Lolo as she watched A106’s battle together with her advanced robot companion Mars.

Well, I must say that they’re interested on fighting Six and win it all! Of course, Umataro Tenma won’t allow Dr. Lolo to do as she pleases.

Now then, it’s time for the second round as A106 will take on Gigaton Hammer, a second generation robot where a pilot is controlling inside of it.

And since Six can’t hurt a human even if Tenma wants to obliterate Gigaton Hammer in a flashier method, seems that the pride of Nerima University’s Lab 7 has other plans.

So, Six makes its move by jumping so high that the Gigaton Hammer couldn’t reach the pint-size powerhouse from Nerima University.

Next, A106 goes for the cockpit where the pilot is located, disable Gigaton Hammer’s power supply…

…and yank the pilot out with style and grace. Too bad that the pilot lost his pants during Six’s extraction from his robot. But hey, it seems that the crowd is starting to love Six after this second round.

Of course, A106 has a long way to go before facing Mars and let’s be honest, they’re evenly-matched against each other. No other robot can compare the likes of both Mars and A106 in terms of technology. Anyways, I’ll see you next time for more Robo-Wres!

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