Clockwork Planet Episode #10

Hey everyone, it’s RyuZU as she returned to the battlefield to unleash hell at the Pillar of Heaven, where Naoto Miura has a plan on infiltrating there!

Oh, and it’s not just RyuZU who is carrying out Naoto’s idea, but also AnchoR where she uses her sword instead of her Bloody Murder cube to destroy these automatons.

Also, here’s Vermouth as he (or she) is not only enjoying his/her new body, but also hijack an Oberon mecha and somewhat piloting it…

…until this point in which Vermouth sacrificed the mecha in order to disable this special mecha called Genbu. I wonder what’s up with that mecha?

Well, it appears that Marie Bell Breguet wanted to implant Vainney Halter’s brain into Genbu so that he has a body to use until Meister Conrad finished his spare one.

And look, she’s doing it right away for Halter as Marie repairs Genbu and implant his brain into the mecha at the same time.

On the other hand, I wonder if the Genbu mecha will be one of those disposable body for Vainney Halter as he wants his old body back?

Then again, the fact that Vainney Halter got used to Genbu that he’s rocking out against the enemy horde by himself! I guess he’ll stick to his new body for the time being…

But anyways, the Pillar of Heaven has been taken over by Naoto Miura and his friends! However, I wonder what he’s planning to do with the tower itself?

But first, time for Naoto to forge bonds with both RyuZU and AnchoR ’cause he’s a family guy! Aww, isn’t it sweet?

Anyways, the reason why Naoto Miura is inside the Pillar of Heaven because he wants to turn the tower into a burning rod by creating enough heat to demagnetize the whole Akihabara Grid and destroy Yatsukahagi!

Meanwhile, here’s a new character introduced named Hoshinomiya who is the Empress of Japan. While she’s concerned about Naoto being a threat to her country, Marie assured her Highness that Naoto Miura is doing whatever he takes to save lives.

By the way, both Marie Bell Breguet and Empress Hoshinomiya were best friends during their college years, although Marie graduated in just a month however. Anyways, let’s hope that they would stop the Shiga remnants from succeeding, even though I want the corrupt Tokyo government to fall down on its knees.

Lastly, here’s RyuZU as she’s ignoring Naoto Miura for some odd reason. Maybe it’s because he got hurt upon carrying RyuZU to a cold place back in Episode 8.

But hey, at least Naoto cares about his automatons that he’ll risk his limb and life to save them!

Also, seems that Naoto gave RyuZU a wedding ring crafted by himself. C’mon, he wants to make RyuZU his wife!

While it’s heart-warming to see this matrimony, let’s hope that it won’t signal a death flag for either Naoto or RyuZU. Anyways, I’ll see you next time for the penultimate episode!

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