Eromanga-sensei Episode #10

Well, seems that Masamune Izumi is motivated to make an after-story of one of his previous novels just for Muramasa Senju.

C’mon, Muramasa-sempai is a fan of “Silverwolf of Reincarnation” that she wants a proper conclusion of it!

Anyways, looks like Muramasa Senju got what she wanted that Muramasa decided to retire as a novelist, leaving her novel series unfinished.

Personally, I think she should continue writing novels instead of letting it go. It’s a waste of talent to be honest!

Meanwhile, here’s Emi- I mean Elf Yamada as she wants to wake Masamune up. Oh yeah, and it appears that Elf is not wearing any underwear underneath her robe!

Unfortunately, Chris Yamada told her to work on the game script as the development is lagging behind.

Well, looks like Emily couldn’t afford to slack off when her brother becomes very strict!

So much that Chris-san is watching Elf Yamada until she finish the script. Looks like there’s no fun for Elf Yamada-sensei!

Lastly, here’s Masamune Izumi as he talks to Muramasa Senju on how he got motivated on finishing novels via this fan mail.

Sure that it’s long and it includes fanart, but Masamune feels energetic to make stories not just for himself, but for Sagiri as well! In fact, Masamune pointed out that Muramasa-sempai is the one who is sending letters to him.

And it turns that it was Muramasa Senju who is sending those letters to Masamune Izumi. You know what, I feel that she really loves Masamune-kun so much. Then again, Masamune is in love with his sister Sagiri in which he couldn’t spit it out at the moment!

In any case, seems that it was an okay episode for this week as Muramasa has decided to continue writing stories. Now, both Elf Yamada and Muramasa Senju loves Masamune Izumi, but that depends on whether he’ll reciprocate their feelings or not.

Anyways, I’ll see you next time and let’s hope that Sagiri Izumi is back again…

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