Re:CREATORS Episode #10

Well, looks like Souta Mizushino is calling the emergency hotline as Alisteria February has arrived to deliver a bloody retribution against Meteora Estherreich, because her only friend Mamika Kirameki was killed by Meteora.

I have nothing to say about this, but Alisteria is an idiot for believing into Magane’s lies!

Meanwhile, Yuuya Mirokuji is still fighting Magane Chikujouin because c’mon, she’s pure evil and let’s not forget that Magane can manipulate everyone including Yuuya in which she can piss him off!

So much that Mirokuji ordered his spirit Hangaku to kill Chikujouin, even though that she can turn it around with her lies.

Well, Yuuya should have listened to Meteora’s advice instead of being consumed into hate!

Now then, it’s time for a battle between a magician and a knight. All I can say is that it was an intense battle!

While Meteora Estherreich can summon Stinger missiles against Alisteria February, it prove to be ineffective against a knight that Alisteria just swing her lance to destroy the missiles.

Oh, and Meteora being a squishy wizard didn’t help when it comes the physical endurance. One smash from Alisteria’s lance has sent her flying towards the container.

Well, that’s the end for Meteora Estherreich as she’s about to get killed by Alisteria February.

However, Souta Mizushino stepped in to save Meteora by telling Alisteria that her world isn’t made for entertainment, as well as claiming that Meteora is innocent.

Sure that Alisteria’s world is full of suffering, but Souta sympathizes her that he wants to see the return of Alisteria’s virtue as a knight who protects the weak.

Sadly for Souta-kun, it appears that he couldn’t convince Alisteria to lower her lance against Meteora. On top of that, Meteora tells Souta to get away and save himself.

But seriously though, I have to say that Mizushino put up a brave face when confronting one of Altair’s allies, and yet he couldn’t stop Alisteria from going the same dark path as the military-clad princess.

On the other hand, Selesia Yupitilia has arrived to stop Alisteria February. I guess Aki Kikuchihara managed to send some reinforcements on this sticky situation.

Anyways, looks like Selesia got the upper hand against Alisteria!

Until Alisteria’s hand slipped and her lance went straight into Selesia’s abdomen in which she was shocked to see it.

Really Alisteria, you shouldn’t be shocked to see some real bloodshed since you’ve been through hell in your own world!

Anyways, Selesia Yupitilia is down and lost so much blood that Takashi Matsubara went there to rescue his creation. But come to think of it, what happened during the fight between Selesia and Alisteria?

It turns out that it was Altair who changed Selesia Yupitilia’s rapier into a bouquet of roses, which is why Alisteria February’s lance went straight into her groin.

Now, Altair ordered Blitz Talker to shoot Selesia in the head!

Fortunately, Yuuya Mirokuji managed to get to the scene in the nick of time and deflect Blitz’s shot with a swing of his sword.

Glad that he came despite having a gash on his head! Then again, I wonder what happened to Magane Chikujouin?

Meanwhile, here’s Rui Kanoya as he’s on the scene with his trusty Gigas Machina. And by the way, he can’t go down as per Kikuchihara’s order since Kanoya might create a tsunami or earthquake if his mecha lands somewhere.

Fortunately, Rui Kanoya will stay off the ground as he fights against a fake Gigas Machina, which Altair created this impostor out of thin air!

Wow, seems that the military-clad princess can summon anything from various media such as novels, manga, and anime. Gotta say that she’s equally dangerous as Magane Chikujouin.

But now, let’s go back to Takashi Matsubara as he tries to revive his character by giving her new abilities.

While he did attempt to give Selesia new powers back in Episode 3, it didn’t work out and so Takashi-san wants to try again and make it happen for the second time. Let’s hope that his illustrator Marine has that finished artwork.

Good thing Marine got the illustration on her laptop as she send it to Matsubara right away…

…so that he can upload it to his Twitter account and promote it. Of course, it’s the fans who’ll decide if they accept Selesia Yupitilia’s new powers.

Turns out, it did leave a good impression for the fans! Now then, let’s hope that Selesia’s new powers would work this time.

And what did you know, it did manifest her new powers that leave Souta Mizushino and Takashi Matsubara in awe upon seeing Selesia’s new form!

Well, it turns out that you need a lasting impression in order for those revisions to work as intended. Now if Alisteria February forced her author to change the story and turned out to be a shitty one, who knows what would happen to that poor knight.

Now then, it’s time for Selesia Yupitilia to test her new abilities as she’s about to swing her sword.

And when she swing her sword, Selesia summoned a large torrent of fire towards Alisteria in which she left with a burning impression.

Yeah, seems that Alisteria February couldn’t beat Selesia Yupitilia with her newfangled abilities!

Anyways, seems that Altair had enough on messing with Souta and his friends as she ordered Blitz and Alisteria to retreat.

By the way, it appears that the military-clad princess couldn’t stay in the real-world for much longer as Altair is phasing in and out of reality. After all, Altair’s creator committed suicide and her existence felt incomplete as a result, which is why she tries to collide other worlds in order to maintain her physical form for longer periods.

Still, it’ll be a pain in the ass once Altair got stronger and destroy the real world in a single attack!

Also, seems that Selesia’s new powers were just temporary as she’s reverted back to normal. Um, I think it’s time to call the ambulance right now!

Finally, here’s Magane Chikujouin and- Wait, did she just stole Yuuya Mirokuji’s spirit Hangaku? Oh shit, seems that Mirokuji not only got trolled, but also got NTR’d at the same time!

Well, gotta say that this episode is a real doozy to watch with all those revelations and plot twists here and there. So while Altair and Magane Chikujouin are still on the run, it’ll be very difficult to stop both of them if Souta Mizushino and his friends come up with a plan to prevent the real world from ceasing to exist.

Anyways, I’ll see you on the next episode as I’m hoping that Selesia Yupitilia will live to fight another day!

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