Little Witch Academia Episode #23

Here’s another flashback from Chariot where she started out as a humble novice witch who got chosen to wield the legendary Claiomh Solais and find all seven words to unlock the Grand Triskelion.

Then, Chariot was recruited by a talent manager who wanted to show the world of her magic. Thus, she signed up and became a popular magician that is today!

Of course, the fans wanted more and so Shiny Chariot used Dream Fuel Spirit to create exciting new magic at the expense of someone’s dreams, losing her goal of reviving the seventh word.

Then again, it turns out that Chariot du Nord was horrified upon using Dream Fuel Spirit in which her friend Croix suggested on using it in the first place.

Speaking of Croix, she’s not only disappointed at Chariot for not reviving the Claiomh Solais’ seventh word, but also jealous for not being chosen to use Claiomh Solais or it’s now known as the Shiny Rod.

Anyways, Chariot decided not to use Dream Fuel Spirit on her final appearance and instead cast some amnesia magic towards her spectators. With that said, Shiny Chariot’s days are over!

Now then, let’s go back to the present as Atsuko Kagari went missing after last week’s episode.

Therefore, Diana Cavendish and a few Luna Nova students went outside to search for Akko and get her back to Luna Nova.

Then again, seems that Diana managed to find Atsuko first and damn, she looked so depressed right after that big reveal from the previous episode.

And since it’s freezing outside, Diana took Akko to a coffee shop in order to warm herself up.

So anyways, Diana Cavendish showed her precious card and told Kagari that she was inspired by Shiny Chariot, which Diana wanted to become like her despite losing her magic ability on the day where Chariot’s penultimate show took place in Atsuko Kagari’s country. But hey, at least Diana got her magic back after being inspired by Chariot in which Diana knows that Professor Ursula is actually Shiny Chariot.

With that said, Diana told Akko not to give up on your dreams despite losing her ability to fly. In fact, she’s got a bit envious that Kagari can perform amazing magic that Diana felt that she’s closer to Shiny Chariot than everyone else. Well, at least she doesn’t act like Professor Croix, but Diana Cavendish doesn’t want Atsuko Kagari to leave everything behind just because she learned the awful truth from the previous episode!

Meanwhile, looks like Lotte Yanson and Sucy Manbavaran have finally found Atsuko Kagari as Lotte told her not to leave Luna Nova. I mean, Akko has some unfinished business on reaching her dream to become a great witch like Shiny Chariot!

Oh yes, and here’s Sucy as she give Akko her trusty Shiny Rod. C’mon, she couldn’t leave her rod behind to someone else when Akko must chant the last word to unlock the Grand Triskelion.

Also, Amanda O’Neill and her two buddies, Constanze Braunschbank Albrechtsberger and Jasminka Antonenko, have finally met up with Akko and her friends. Gotta say that they felt relieve that Akko is okay!

Lastly, seems that the shopkeeper offered the girls some coffee to perk themselves up in time for the final battle against Professor Croix. Yeah, he still looked like Chum Lee and I’m hoping that the real Chum Lee will voice this character.

Well then, I’ll see you next time for the final episode. Will Croix succeed on reviving magic or have her grand experiment gone horribly wrong?

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