Sin: Nanatsu no Taizai Episode #08

This is Satan, the last demon lord remaining under Belial and also the gatekeeper of hell. While being loyal to the Demon Lord of Vanity, Satan has a short-fuse and loves fighting.

Well, gotta say that the Demon Lord of Wrath is eager to beat Lucifer!

Meanwhile, seems that Leviathan is still acting jealous even though Maria Totsuka got captured by Belial. Gotta say, this Demon Lord of Envy is just too salty that Lucifer didn’t notice her!

Also, Leviathan has a new rival for Lucifer’s attention in the form of Beelzebub as she’s hanging out with the fallen angel.

After all, they got so friendly at the end of Episode 7 so there’s nothing wrong with Beelzebub chowing down at Lucifer’s crib!

Of course, Satan is not okay when Beelzebub is hanging out with Lucifer. So, the Demon Lord of Wrath attempts to attack the fallen angel!

Of course, Satan must face Leviathan first as she got her clothes on and tries to attack the Demon Lord of Wrath…

…by summoning deadly whales because Leviathan controls the sea. In any case, Leviathan’s whales eat Satan whole.

Afterwards, the Demon Lord of Envy made her whales explodes in which it contains Satan. Of course, there’s a question on whether the Demon Lord of Wrath survived or not.

Unsurprisingly, Satan survived the explosion and she’s pissed as hell that the Demon Lord of Wrath is gonna retaliate Leviathan tenfold!

And so, Leviathan received a wrathful asskicking from Satan by shooting a ball of fire at her…

Oh, and it made a powerful explosion that it made a tsunami. Mortals, better get out of the tsunami before it gets worse!

Meanwhile, Lucifer has stepped up the challenge against Satan as she’s dodging bullets from one of Satan’s followers, which turned out to be the whole United States Navy.

Sadly for the Navy, the fallen angel destroyed much of it. Looks like the US Navy won’t make new ships because they got their budgets cut off! Don’t take it seriously, everyone…

Now let’s go back to Leviathan as she’s still unconscious upon landing deep into the abyss.

Fortunately, Beelzebub is here to revive the Demon Lord of Envy because c’mon, it’s not like Leviathan will be gone forever if Lucifer ordered Beelzebub to bring her back!

And lo and behold as Leviathan has returned with a brand-new costume! But even though she’s powered up, let’s just say that Leviathan is still no match for Satan.

Meanwhile, here’s Belial as she watched the battle together with Maria Totsuka.

While the Demon Lord of Vanity offered Totsuka freedom once Lucifer is killed, I don’t think Belial will keep that promise as she wants to use Maria in her nefarious schemes.

Now let’s go back to the battle between Satan and Lucifer as they continue where they left off… in SPACE!

Also, Satan took out Belial’s curse from Lucifer as she wanted a fair fight. Really Satan, I don’t think Belial would like that but anyways, both fighters are evenly-matched!

However, the fallen angel got the last laugh as Lucifer outplayed Satan by going to her blind spot and pierce the Demon Lord of Wrath…

…which creates a big crater on the moon. And that concludes the battle with a single strike from Lucifer!

Well, seems that the Demon Lord of Wrath has lost the battle. Gotta say, it’s her fault for removing the curse that restricts Lucifer’s powers and Belial doesn’t like it!

But hey, what Satan wanted was a good fight against the fallen angel and that’s why she removed those limiters in the first place. Still, a loss is a loss for the Demon Lord of Wrath as the spear is still sticking on her stomach.

And it appears that the Demon Lord of Vanity is scared that she’ll be next to fall… unless Belial used some trickery like using Maria Totsuka to her advantage.

Anyways, looks like Lucifer is coming for her on the next episode!

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