Rokudenashi Majutsu Koushi to Akashic Records Episode #11

Hey guys, it’s time for the eventual duel between Glenn Radars and Leos Kleitos as they’re not gonna do the usual mano-o-mano approach.

With Halley Astry becoming the referee for today’s duel, this duel will involve students from Alzano Imperial Magic School in a strategic battle between two instructors. Naturally, Mr. Astry ins’t pleased by it!

Meanwhile, Leos Kleitos promised to Sistine Fibel that he’ll win the fight and take her hand in marriage. Let’s hope Leos will succeed in his duel!

But anyways, the duel has begun as Leos Kleitos take command on Class 4 while Glenn Radars lead his trusty Class 2 to victory.

Then again, seems that Class 2 is at a disadvantage as Mr. Kleitos is leading Class 4 in an efficient manner, kinda like a real commander during a heated battle! Of course, I’m worried that Mr. Radars might lose this duel…

Speaking of Glenn Radars, seems that he’s running away from this duel. Gotta say that I’m disappointed with him!

That’s until he and his Class 2 students led their enemies into various traps. Well, I have to say that Glenn Radars will do anything to win and steal Sistine away from Leos!

But in the end though, this class battle ended in a draw and so Leos challenge Glenn to another duel. This time, it’ll be man to man and the duel will happen tomorrow morning!

Meanwhile, seems that Sistine Fibel had a conversation with Mr. Radars as he told Sistine that she reminds him of his friend Sara Silvers. Hence, Glenn wants to protect Sistine and her dreams from Leos Kleitos.

By the way, if you’re wondering who is Sara Silvers? Well, she was inspired by Glenn Radars to take up magic but Sara was killed when one of Glenn’s mission gone horribly wrong, which is why Mr. Radars quit the Imperial Court Mage Corps and become a NEET until Celica Arfonia forced Glenn to become a teacher.

However, Leos Kleitos interrupted their conversation and told Glenn Radars about his former life as a member of the Imperial Court Mage Corps, including his bloody history and failures.

That ticked Mr. Radars off as Mr. Kleitos knows too much about his career as a soldier who has bloodstain on his hands, as well as both Rumia and Re-L’s true identity because Glenn doesn’t want them getting caught up with danger.

With that said, seems that Glenn Radars decided to start the duel right here! Of course, Glenn would beat Leos when it comes to hand-to-hand combat.

That’s until Mr. Kleitos did something strange as he sprinkle what appears to be Angel’s Dust. Oh wait, don’t tell me that he’s involved with that illegal stuff lately?

Still, this so-called Angel’s Dust is so powerful that Leos Kleitos can summon tulpas which overwhelm Glenn Radars.

Oh, and it turns out that Glenn’s trusty tarot card “The Fool” doesn’t work against Leos’ summoned beings.

Yeah, seems that Leos won’t wait for tomorrow morning as he beat Glenn Radars. Dammit, this guy is more jerkass than Glenn because it turns out that Leos wants to bury the Fibel name forever by marrying Sistine!

Anyways, tune in next time for the final episode. Will Mr. Radars beat Mr. Kleitos while stopping Angel’s Dust from spreading at the same time? We’ll find that out!

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