Sakura Quest Episode #11

Well, it appears that Busujima (or Dokushima) managed to fix the dragon statue after being knocked down on the previous episode.

In any case, seems that there won’t be any curse happening in Manoyama, right?

Not quite though as it appears that the town got cursed… somewhat. Heck, no one knows who broke into the castle of Chupakabura Kingdom, leaving a mess at the throne room.

Let’s hope that Queen Yoshino and her royal court won’t fall into such bad omens on this episode. This isn’t funny y’know!

Anyways, the singles’ tour is still ongoing as these bachelors are having fun at the rock climbing course.

Well, except for one woman named Kiyomi as she’s bothered by someone who’s stalking her lately. Who could it be?

It turned out to be Mr. Sandal and- Wait, how did he get up there anyway? Then again, he’s not a stalker and Sandal is doing his own thing like playing a flute.

Also, it turns out that Mr. Sandal’s great-grandmother lived in Manoyama until she married a foreigner and went abroad. But hey, at least her great-grandson Sandal returned to her precious hometown!

Meanwhile, here’s Ririko Oribe as she got a cold and Riri was supposed to stay home… until she decided to hit the books at the library.

There, Ririko found out that the Manoyama Dance is not used to drove the dragon away from the village, but rather to invite it for good luck and vast knowledge. Of course, the story was somewhat tragic as the dragon girl died inside the cave… alone.

Come to think of it, Ririko sees herself as the dragon girl from the story. Not only that, but Ririko’s parents are divorced and went to separate ways with her father moving overseas. No wonder she’s left alone by others!

So when Ririko told Yoshino about the real story of the Manoyama Dance, the queen is not only interested on that story but Yoshino felt sympathy towards Ririko.

C’mon, the likes of Yoshino Koharu and Shiori Shinomiya are reaching Ririko Oribe out and befriend her!

See, even Queen Yoshino understands Ririko as she gave her a hug. Aww, isn’t it heartwarming to see this?

Also, here’s Mr. Sandal again as he shares both Yoshino and Ririko about a song that was passed from his family for generations. I can’t wait to hear that!

Now then, it’s time for the climax of the singles’ tour as the visitors are gonna see a firefly show near the lake.

However, it seems that Kiyomi is very scared that someone is watching her. While one of the guys from the community club are trying to assure the tourists that they won’t get hurt, seems that Kiyomi couldn’t take it anymore…

…when this guy hiding under the bush showed up, eyeing on Kiyomi as if he’s a deranged stalker!

So, one of the men from the community club pounced on the stalker and tries to stop him.

In any case, this stalker is captured thanks to the members of the community club. However, Kiyomi recognized this uninvited guest as Masaki.

Well, it turns out that Masaki went to Manoyama to reconcile with his ex-girlfriend, all while making a mess at the town like breaking into the castle and other stuff! But hey, Kiyomi forgives Masaki so it’s all good there… I hope!

Now then, let’s go back to the firefly show as Yoshino Koharu invited Chitose Oribe to watch tonight’s spectacle.

Yeah, it’s a rare sight to see Chitose-san being invited into one of Yoshino’s schemes. Most of the time, she would decline or get into a squabble with Ushimatsu Kadota.

But anyways, here’s the highlight of the show as Ririko Oribe sings while fireflies surround her. And by the way, she’s singing the dragon song that Mr. Sandal shared from his ancestors.

Well, I have to say that Ririko’s got talent and it’s a nice way to end this tour!

On the other hand, looks like the guests are enjoying it. So much that they’re planning to come back in Manoyama in the future, especially both Masaki and Kiyomi as they’ll elope at the town and start a family.

Well, I hope they’ll have a good life in Manoyama once they settled down there!

As for Chitose Oribe, I think she’s happy that her grand-daughter is smiling. But more importantly, she has friends to lean on which makes Chitose very delighted!

Well then, looks like I’m done on this week’s episode. It was a fun time exploring Ririko Oribe and I’m glad she has Yoshino and the rest on her side!

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