Sakurada Reset Episode #11

Here’s something different on this week’s episode as there’s no Kei Asai on it. Instead, this episode focuses on Misora Haruki as Kei told her to make friends with other people like Seika Nono.

Nothing drastic nor important going on here as Misora and Seika are just having a normal conversation, albeit a boring one because Haruki wants to be acquainted with Nono until they’re closer to each other.

Speaking of Kei Asai, he’s absent today because Kei-kun got a cold. So, Mirai Minami suggested to Misora Haruki to visit him. Heck, she go as far as telling Haruki to kiss Asai in order to transfer his cold to hers.

Really Minami, I feel that while your intentions are good, I don’t think Haruki would get it as it’s not very scientific!

But anyways, Misora Haruki went to Kei Asai’s apartment with all the stuff he needs to recover from his cold, from ice cream to rice porridge!

Too bad that I didn’t see him on this episode, so I’m hoping for Kei to return for next week… And by the way, the next episode would be a very serious story arc.

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