Shingeki no Kyojin Episodes #35 & #36

Well, seems that Moblit’s squad went back to Ragako and investigate more into why Conny’s hometown went abandoned in the first place? Was it because the villagers got eaten by titans?

But then again, there’s no bloodshed nor chopped-off body parts found at Ragako.

However, it appears that Moblit found a hypothesis that Conny Springer’s parents and the rest of the villagers might actually be titans.

Heck, the similarities between that titan over there and the drawn portrait of his mother is very similar, which Moblit was horrified about this revelation!

Anyways, Bertholdt Hoover and Reiner Braun have decided to get out of the forest right now as they got spotted by Erwin Smith’s soldiers!

On the other hand, Eren Jaeger tried to get out of Reiner’s grasp by elbowing him in the face.

Unfortunately, Reiner just put Eren into a sleeper hold and passed out. So much for his struggle to break free from his former friends!

Meanwhile, the joint task force comprising of the Recon Corp, the Garrison, and the Military Police are on their way to retrieve Eren Jaeger and Ymir Fritz, while possibly capture both Reiner Braun and Bertholdt Hoover.

Of course, don’t count on the Military Police as they’re mostly killed by titans because they’re not trained enough to fight against them!

Also, Krista Lenz (or Historia Reiss) is joining the expedition as she wants her friend back. Then again, I’m worried about her!

This prompted Ymir to tell Reiner and Bertholdt on taking Krista with them. However, Reiner told Ymir that it’s not possible because they might get caught with Commander Erwin’s men or even the titans!

On the other hand though, I wonder if this is Ymir’s excuse to get away from her captors? Also, it’s not the first time that Ymir Fritz got in the same predicament as this…

Prior to joining the military and meeting Krista, Ymir Fritz was being hailed as a queen of some cult. Of course, she earned it by deceiving them just to have a good life… until the army captured them and subjected to various experiments like turning into titans.

Thus, Ymir Fritz went through hell after becoming a titan until she finally met Krista Lenz in which Ymir saw Krista as her salvation.

Anyways, Ymir decided to retaliate and made a demand on both Bertholdt and Reiner on taking Ymir Fritz with them. Otherwise, Bertholdt is history if they don’t give into Ymir’s demands.

Still, I wonder if it’s an excuse for Ymir Fritz to get out of her captors?

Meanwhile, Mikasa Ackerman and Armin Arlert have finally reached the forest. While they’re trying to save Eren Jaeger from both traitors, Mikasa and Armin are also retrieving Ymir Fritz…

…as they encountered Ymir Fritz in her titan form. Unfortunately, it appears that she’s not listening to either Conny or Sasha as Ymir is acting weird.

But then, here’s Krista Lenz as she approached Ymir in her titan form, thinking that she would understand her!

Unfortunately for Krista, Ymir Fritz ate her own friend. Damn, this can’t be happening!

And it turns out that Ymir really wants Krista to join both Reiner and Bertholdt on their quest to return to their homeland.

Well, I guess I was wrong as it looks like Ymir got a case of Stockholm Syndrome thanks to Reiner and Bertholdt, despite the fact that she killed one of their friends and didn’t remember a thing about it.

Anyways, they’re getting away from the military, although Erwin’s men are getting closer at them thanks to Ymir’s meddling.

On the other hand, Ymir took Krista out from her mouth since she wants her friend to be safe.

Now then, Krista Lenz asked Ymir on why she did it against her own friend? Well, the reason why Ymir Fritz kidnapped Krista is because she wanted to save herself.

I mean, Ymir was threatened by both Reiner Braun and Bertholdt Hoover so she doesn’t have a choice but to give in to their demands, although capturing Krista Lenz is her own idea which costs them a chance to put more distance away from Commander Erwin’s forces.

Now, the Survey Corps have arrived to rescue Eren! First up is Mikasa Ackerman as she attempts to take her friend away from Bertholdt.

However, Reiner has other plans as he protects Bertholdt from Mikasa’s wrath. After all, he’s the Armored Titan and Reiner is tough enough to withstand any sword cuts.

Of course, neither Reiner and Bertholdt couldn’t escape from Mikasa Ackerman as she’s dead set on retrieving Eren Jaeger from them!

Afterwards, Mikasa is joined by her fellow soldiers from the Recon Corps and they couldn’t believe that Reiner and Bertholdt betrayed the likes of Conny, Sasha, and even Jean!

Meanwhile for Bertholdt, he’s trying to be sympathetic about it but you know what, it’s not gonna work when his former buddies are in a state of disbelief right now. Heck, Bertholdt’s reason won’t work on either Eren or Mikasa… because they hate him, Reiner, and even Ymir for this treachery!

Still, they need to take out Eren from their former comrades fast or get away from them for the time being…

That’s because Commander Erwin Smith and his soldiers lured those titans in order to slow the Armored Titan down, making Reiner vulnerable against a horde of his kind unless he lowered his guard to fend them off.

And y’know what, it did work as the Armored Titan’s arms opened up, exposing both Bertholdt Hoover and Eren Jaeger.

Well, let’s hope that they won’t get caught by those titans but more importantly, the Survey Corps has a chance to nab Eren from Bertholdt!

Unfortunately, luring those titans in to slow Reiner down comes at a price when Commander Erwin got eaten by a titan. Ugh, this can’t be happening!

Now then, it’s time for Mikasa’s second attempt to rescue Eren from Bertholdt.

C’mon, she hates him for taking her friend away to some unknown land, where Eren might be used by someone else other than Bertholdt and Reiner!

However, it appears that a titan caught her and Mikasa is in trouble. Yeah, her sides got hurt but Mikasa is about to be eaten by a titan!

Fortunately, Jean Kirstein is here to save the day by rescuing Mikasa from becoming titan food. Still, Mikasa’s sides got crushed that she couldn’t fight at her full potential!

Also, here’s Armin as he tries to convince Bertholdt on letting Eren go. After all, they’re friends through thick and thin!

However, it appears that convincing Bertholdt didn’t work out, so Armin Arlert threatened him that their friend Annie Leonhardt is being tortured and experimented by Hanji Zoe as they speak.

Well, seems that Bertholdt couldn’t stand Annie becoming a guinea pig that he called Armin a monster. But hey, Armin will do what it takes to save humanity even if they’re shitty to the core!

On the other hand, looks like Bertholdt’s conversation with Armin has left him vulnerable as Erwin Smith returned to snatch Eren away from that traitor.

It doesn’t matter whether he lost an arm or not, so long as Commander Erwin keeps fighting!

Regardless, the joint task force managed to retrieve Eren Jaeger and make their retreat. But wait, where’s Krista Lenz if you may ask?

Well, she broke free from her captors and managed to score her first titan kill while rescuing Ymir Fritz. Yeah, looks like she can defend herself pretty much!

Of course, Sasha Blouse and Conny Springer will have to take Krista away from Ymir as they fear that their former friend might betray them.

Then again, Krista still persists on saving Ymir because she’s her friend, but it’s not possible right now because Ymir was brainwashed by both Reiner and Bertholdt.

Now then, let’s go back to Commander Erwin and his remaining forces as their escape route got blocked by a titan.

Oh, and it turns out that this titan was thrown by a stronger one. No, it’s not the Beast Titan by the way…

…but rather this Armored Titan. Damn, seems that Reiner’s strength isn’t a joke but more importantly, this guy wants to ruin everything against Erwin Smith and the Survey Corps!

On the other hand, Eren Jaeger and Mikasa Ackerman got bombarded by the Armored Titan’s hurling of his kind, and now they’re stuck between a rock and a hard place as they encountered something terrifying!

This particular titan over there is the one who killed Eren’s mother, and having Eren Jaeger seeing this familiar titan makes him fuming with anger! C’mon, that titan is the reason why Eren joined the Recon Corps in the first place.

Anyways, I’m done catching up with the remaining episodes as I can’t wait for the finale of Shingeki no Kyojin Season 2! Then again, I wonder if WIT Studio will make more seasons after this?

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