Clockwork Planet Episode #11

This is the man that Naoto Miura and RyuZU met underneath the Shiga Grid. His name is Gennai Hirayama as he’ll do anything to call out the mysterious Y.

Also, he electrocuted his staff as Hirayama wants to be the only one who will defeat the monster that turned Earth into a clockwork planet.

Not a coup d’etat, but a show of force against Y and his machinations!

Meanwhile, both Vainney Halter and Vermouth are holding off the line against the military, as Marie Bell Breguet is trying to finish some adjustments to produce more heat inside the Pillar of Heaven.

Speaking of Marie, she’s busy tinkering the temperature as time is running out as the military might fire the Tall Wand, which would destroy the Akihabara Grid and other cities that surround it.

Oh yeah, and let’s not forget the Yatsukahagi as its charging to fire its electromagnetic laser!

Then again, Gennai won’t wait for it to complete as he fire the cannon, which it damaged the Pillar of Heaven until it’s inoperable.

Good thing Naoto Miura and the rest are safe but damn, this is unexpected!

Also, the Tall Wand has already fired its spear as it’s crashing down the Akiba Grid. Great, now the situation got worse of it!

However, it appears that the Yatsukahagi destroyed one of Tall Wand’s spear, so it seems that the Akihabara Grid will stay.

Then again, the giant automaton from the Shiga Grid is still a threat. With the Pillar of Heaven in critical condition, all hope is lost!

Oh, and it gets worse from there as Naoto Miura couldn’t hear the gears running. Also, he blames Marie for not having the same talent as she is.

Well, all that Naoto has is his ultra-precise hearing and he doesn’t have the speed, knowledge, and technique to fix automatons in a jiffy.

However, this angered Marie Bell Breguet as she slapped Naoto and berated him for being an idiot who’s only saving grace was his enhanced hearing ability.

But you know what, maybe it’s time for both of them to set aside their differences and work together!

All they need to do is to use their heads and their talents to do the impossible. I mean, Naoto told Marie to remember anything until she can grasp the answer to her problem.

What could it be the answer if you may ask? Well, we’ll find that out!

In any case, both Naoto Miura and Marie Bell Breguet went to work together in order to achieve the impossible…

…by creating gears out of nothing so that the Pillar of Heaven will become operational. Well, that’s the answer that they’re been looking for!

Heck, even Meister Conrad and Empress Houko Hoshinomiya are surprised that they’re cooperating into something that’s totally impossible to accomplish.

But hey, it seems that it won’t be a matter of time before the Pillar of Heaven becomes operational! Then again, my fear would be that the Yatsukahagi would fire its laser again…

So, AnchoR has decided to take action by destroying the giant automaton. Heck, she waved goodbye to RyuZU as AnchoR gave her teddy bear and other important things to her sister.

Wait, don’t tell me that she’ll sacrifice her life to destroy Yatsukahagi?

Oh shit, AnchoR is gonna do it as she dive down deep into enemy territory! Looks like Naoto Miura won’t like how she’ll sacrifice her body to stop the giant automaton.

Anyways, I’ll see you on the final episode! I’m hoping that there would be a miracle…

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