Saenai Heroine no Sodatekata ♭ Episode #10

Well then, this is a tough decision for Utaha Kasumigaoka and Eriri Spencer Sawamura.

Sure that working with Akane Kousaka for the new installment of Fields Chronicle would get them a wider recognition, but forcing them to throw their personal careers, their school life, and Tomoya Aki’s Blessing Software just to kill themselves for finishing a game is truly maddening!

Oh, and let’s not forget about Akane-san mocking Eriri’s artwork for being shit that Kousaka can copy it easily. Yeah, that’s the most insulting thing that Akane Kousaka said to Eriri throughout her entire life since she spends time making lewd doujin manga.

Because of this, Eriri Spencer Sawamura has decided to take her pencil and paintbrush to draw an illustration that’ll blow Akane’s socks off when seeing it!

Then again, this would give Kousaka more reasons to mock Sawamura even more and push her around in order to make outstanding artwork. So anyways, Eriri told Utaha-sempai that her illustration is finished…

…and voila, a fantastic artwork that Tomoya Aki would truly be delighted upon seeing it. Then again, he’s out of the loop at the moment.

And this is where Eriri Spencer Sawamura has decided to join Akane Kousaka’s Fields Chronicle project in order to show her that she’s better, which Utaha Kasumigaoka respected Eriri for her talent and determination to bring Kousaka down.

So what, are these two girls gonna join Akane’s team just like that? What if they develop Stockholm Syndrome upon being employed by the nastiest producer ever. Anyways, I hope their decision won’t bite them in the ass later, as well as survive from Akane’s somewhat-hellish environment ’cause I’m worried that they might lose motivation after working with that wench.

But goddammit, I don’t like that decision at all to be honest!

Meanwhile, it appears that Iori Kashima felt sympathy towards Tomoya Aki on losing a great writer and illustrator.

Sure that working with Akane-san is hard according to him, but Iori believes that she wants to push their talent harder because Kousaka has more passion to see it through the end. But seriously though, her harsh remarks against Eriri’s artwork and telling both Sawamura and Kasumigaoka to die for finishing the game has turned me off! It’s no wonder that Akane Kousaka made more enemies upon reaching the peak of her career.

On the other hand, it’s revealed that Iori and his sister Izumi are leaving Rouge en rouge in order to pursue something big in their careers. Don’t count on the Kashima siblings to join Tomoya’s doujin group.

Lastly, here’s Megumi Kato as she asked Tomoya to go on a date. Then again, I wonder if he’ll accept it though as this could be a consolation prize? Still, it’s sucks that his next project will be put on hold for the time being unless Tomoya found a replacement!

Anyways, I can’t wait for the finale next week! Then again, I wonder if there’s still more of this series?

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