Kabukibu! Episode #11

Here’s Riri Miwayama as she got an idea for the new student welcome party by recruiting some members of the gymnastics team. They’ll act as the extras for the kabuki club’s performance of “The Five Thieves”.

Meanwhile, here’s Jin Ebihara as he’s acting like an emo kid since forever. And you know what, the reason why he acted like a snob is because Jin won’t forget his father succumbing to pressure during a live performance.

Because of that incident, Jin’s father gave up the stage name of Shiroganeya and thus his kabuki career came to an abrupt end, which is why Jin Ebihara tries his best to surpass both his father and grandfather. Then again, Jin’s acting is just too stiff and formal!

On the other hand, here’s Kurogo Kurusu as he met Jin in front of Kabuki-za. In fact, his grandfather didn’t went inside the theater because he didn’t have enough money to buy a ticket at that time, but rather stay outside as watch the snow falling down. Of course, his grandson fulfilled his wish as Kurogo went to see a kabuki play at the famous theater.

Also, seems that Kurogo likes Jin Ebihara’s acting since he has graceful movement. But seriously though, Jin’s peers and even his grandfather told him to loosen up a little and have fun with his career. I mean, look at Shin Akutsu for example as he’s enjoying his time acting in kabuki plays despite declining Shiroganeya’s offer to train under him, which is questionable in regards to that decision.

Now then, it looks like the kabuki club is busy preparing for their presentation during the new student welcome party. Let’s hope that they won’t get any mishaps during their preparation…

Oh wait, I spoke too soon as Riri Miwayama passed out that she’s being carried to the clinic. This can’t be happening!

But seriously though, is the kabuki club got bad luck on the eve of their performance?

Still, Riri-sempai told Kurogo and the rest that she can act for the upcoming presentation. However, Kurusu told Miwayama to sit out for the time being. Yeah, it’s frustrating for Riri to take a rest before the kabuki play!

So, it appear that Riri Miwayama won’t be available because Kurogo doesn’t want her health to get worse. But because of this mishap, the kabuki play will be called “The Four Thieves” and it’s sucks that it won’t have the full experience for the newcomers to see… unless Kurogo found a replacement.

Turns out, there’s one person who can take the role as one of the five thieves as Kurogo Kurusu asked Jin Ebihara to take Riri’s place as Juzaburo Akaboshi.

Of course, given that he’s a stubborn professional actor, Jin would decline Kurogo’s request. Then again, they’re so desperate they the kabuki club won’t stop until they got Ebihara to their side!

But anyways, let’s see what Jin Ebihara’s decision will be on the final episode?

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