Sin: Nanatsu no Taizai Episode #09

This is Michael, Lucifer’s angelic friend who went to Hell to do something important…

…like completing an alliance pact with Belial. Oh boy, an angel getting in cahoots with the devil? I might have seen this before, but this one would be very dangerous!

Meanwhile, it looks like Lucifer and Leviathan have arrived in Hell. This time, they got company as the fallen angel recruited humans for her cause… in just a few hours.

Oh yeah, and most of Lucifer’s followers are stricken with pride, which is perfect for the fallen angel as she represents avarice!

Also, here’s Satan as she’s returned for a rematch against Lucifer. After all, she’s guarding the Gates of Hell with all of her might!

Then again, the Demon Lord of Wrath decides to let Lucifer and Leviathan in as she fully-respects the fallen angel and her followers.

Well, seems that Satan had enough of being Belial’s bitch as she went to Lucifer instead!

Now that Lucifer and Leviathan went past Satan unopposed, it’s time for both of them to cross the River Styx in order to reach Belial’s castle.

Of course, crossing the River Styx would be difficult as wretched souls are dragging both Leviathan and Lucifer down. Therefore, they need a ferry to safely cross the river!

Fortunately, both Lucifer and Leviathan gave them a ride by a certain devil…

…named Charon, who managed to grab both of them with his hands. Then again, it appears that Charon is a bit stingy as he wants something to pay for his ferrying service.

What does he wants, money or some sinners to pay him up for crossing the River Styx?

Well, Charon wants some booty as he wants to taste the fallen angel badly. Oh, and those tentacles trying to fondle every nook and cranny of Lucifer’s body? That’s Charon’s tongue!

Fortunately for Lucifer, Leviathan summoned her sea familiars to free the fallen angel from Charon’s perverted clutches.

Eventually, Charon was pushed down towards the river and it seems that he’s not feeling great as Charon is being pulled down towards the abyss.

Well, at least both Lucifer and Leviathan are safe as they safely crossed to the other side!

And look, they’re greeted by the demon lords as they welcome Lucifer and Leviathan with open arms.

Heck, even Beelzebub is happy that Lucifer is back, although Leviathan will be pissed that the Demon Lord of Gluttony is hanging out with the fallen angel.

Anyways, looks like the demon lords who served Belial are now turning their backs on their boss, and join the fallen angel’s cause as Lucifer revealed that God is planning to destroy both Earth and Hell.

While it might be very offending to some, it seems that Lucifer’s former boss has gone senile and decided to purge everything. Also, let’s not forget that God’s powerful angel Michael is signing a pact with Belial and let’s just say that she might dupe the Demon Lord of Vanity at any moment.

With that said, Hell is doomed and Lucifer asked every demon lord to lend her strength to kill God and turn the system around.

Of course, there’s one demon lord who is not committed to become a turncoat for Lucifer as Astaroth threatens the fallen angel. I guess she couldn’t let go of Belial.

Then again, Lucifer is busy taking both Belial and God down, so she let Leviathan challenge Astaroth to a battle.

Lastly, here’s Maria Totsuka as she got a rough time being tortured by the Demon Lord of Vanity. Let’s hope that Lucifer would save her, but I wonder if she’s too late to rescue Maria? What if she’s completely brainwashed by Belial?

With that said, I’ll see you next week as the fallen angel is getting closer to beating the Demon Lord of Vanity and taking her throne as the leader of Hell!

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