Atom: The Beginning Episode #09

This is Ganji Agoiwa as the pilot of the Gigaton Hammer is looking at A106 on whether it’s remote-controlled or there’s a pilot inside of it. Of course, the latter isn’t possible because on how small Six is.

In the end though, the likes of Ganji Agoiwa and his fellow competitors at the Robot Wrestling Federation are starting to respect A106!

Speaking of A106, Ran Ochanomizu pointed out that one of Six’s dipole regulator is fried, and it’s such a rare component that both Hiroshi Ochanomizu and Umataro Tenma couldn’t find a replacement on time for the semi-finals.

Well, it seems that their run at the Robo-Wres is over, but Tenma refused to do so as he wants Six to continue fighting. Honestly though, I think retiring is the best option as Ochanomizu wanted Six to be a sentient robot that can understand humans and act like one, not a weapon.

On the other hand, Motoko Tsutsumi is here as she got a staff pass, much to Umataro’s chargin’ as he accused Motoko of being Moriya’s spy.

You know, I feel that Tenma needs to work out on his trust issues with others. But anyways, Motoko brought someone who can lend them a hand…

…which turned out to be one of the competitors as Yamada brought Ochanomizu a spare dipole regulator which is perfect for A106, albeit a budget version as well as the last one in stock.

But hey, at least these competitors wanted a fair fight, something that Tenma should learn once he becomes the best robot engineer ever!

Now then, it’s time for the semi-finals as Nerima University will face Miko Shiroyama. She doesn’t talk much but Miko has a badass robot to take on A106!

This is Balzac K3 and despite its size, this first-generation robot can move fast that it can out-maneuver Six.

Also, let’s not forget that Miko is expecting Six to aim at Balzac’s antenna, so she’s trying to avoid it at all cost!

Of course, Miko Shiroyama didn’t except A106 to go towards Balzac’s abdomen as the Kindhearted Child of Science tore one of the cables in which Miko’s robot became inoperable.

With that said, it’s a hard-fought win for A106 as the pride of Nerima University’s Laboratory 7 managed to hold it out and went for the kill!

And speaking of holding it out, seems that Yamada’s spare dipole regulator managed to give Six some strength before blowing it up.

Then again, this is the last dipole regulator and both Umataro and Hiroshi couldn’t find a spare one fast as they’re now qualified for the final match. Yeah, seems that it’s time for Six to retire for good!

Luckily though, Shunsaku Ban found a package in which it contain the dipole regulator that A106 is needed since the replacement has already gone kaput.

On the other hand, I wonder who gave this package in the first place?

Well, it appears that it was none other than Dr. Lolo who gave both Tenma and Ochanomizu a spare dipole regulator.

The reason why she did that is because Dr. Lolo wanted a fair match against her robot Mars. Of course, Umataro Tenma won’t believe Lolo because she might sabotage his ultimate creation. But hey, at least they have a spare dipole regulator so I think they should use it while it lasts!

Anyways, next episode will be the final match as A106 must take down 3 other robots in a battle royale to see who’s worthy on challenging Mars.

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