Eromanga-sensei Episode #11

Well everyone, Masamune Izumi has finally returned home and he’s expecting his sister Sagiri to welcome him!

Then again, she’s always inside her room as Sagiri Izumi doesn’t like going outdoors.

And here’s Sagiri as she welcomes her dear brother. I mean, Sagiri missed Masamune-oniichan very much that she’s wants to go to the beach together, even though she doesn’t like the outside world…

Oh silly me, I don’t think she’ll go outside at all!

But anyways, Masamune gave his sister a straw hat as a souvenir. Of course, Sagiri has a surprise for her dear brother…

…as she showed Masamune her bikini. Sweet mother of God, she’s so sexy and cute that I might get arrested upon looking at Sagiri’s body!

Next up, Masamune went to Akihabara as he told Sagiri (via a laptop camera) about his humble beginnings as a novelist. Well, it wasn’t easy though as Masamune is living with his father…

You see, Masamune Izumi is making stories for fun and submitting it online. Sure that it wasn’t great as his web novels are very amateurish, but Masamune got his only fan…

…in the form of Sagiri as she reads it until the end. She loves Masamune’s story that Sagiri draw a commemorative illustration of the main character.

This motivated Masamune that he wants to become a professional novelist where he’ll make stories seriously!

Eventually, his father bought him a laptop where Masamune is delighted to type words on a keyboard instead of his cellphone. Prior to this, he’s making stories through his cellphone that Masamune got blisters on his thumb.

As for Sagiri, she got help from her mother in which she’s a professional illustrator. Oh yeah, Sagiri’s mother loves to draw cute girls in lewd poses, no wonder why Sagiri draws lewd illustrations thanks to her mom!

One last thing, seems that we have a cameo appearance of Kirino Kousaka and her friends as she bought Masamune’s latest novel.

Come to think of it, I wonder if Masamune’s novel has helped Kirino on making her own novel series? I guess we’ll never know on whether they’re living on the same universe…

Anyways, let’s end this episode with Sagiri getting out of her room as she really wants to go to the beach together with Masamune-oniichan.

Well then, I hope they go to the beach together on the final episode!

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