Re:CREATORS Episode #11

Here’s Yuuya Mirokuji as he’s really pissed that he got tricked by Magane Chikujouin, which he lost his spirit Hangaku in the process. Well, it’s Mirokuji’s fault that his feelings got into him!

On the other hand, Selesia Yupitilia is okay after an extensive surgery. Of course, it was all thanks to Takashi Matsubara for saving her life by giving Selesia new powers through the power of social media.

Then again, Takashi-san is just a humble novelist who wanted to write stories because he wants to prove that he exist, not for entertainment towards his readers.

I have to admit, Matsubara talking to his creation is the most heartwarming thing I’ve ever seen on this episode. It proves that Takashi-san respects Selesia and his own work!

Meanwhile, looks like Souta Mizushino is feeling down after last week’s episode, so Rui Kanoya cheered him up by inviting him to his Gigas Machina.

Of course, the reason why Kanoya wants to cheer Mizushino up is because he has a responsibility after moving to the real world. Back then, he always sulking every time Rui screwed up in his own mecha anime series “Infinite Divine Machine Mono Magia”, so Rui is trying to motivate Souta-kun into moving forward instead of holding it back!

Anyways, let’s hope that Rui Kanoya’s speech would help Souta Mizushino on telling the truth about Altair.

And speaking of Altair, Meteora Estherreich told everyone on changing their plans to deal with the military-clad princess and her cronies.

While they’re still figuring out on what happened to Setsuna Shimazaki, I think it’s time for Souta Mizushino to tell all about it!

Anyways, Souta told them that he knows about Altair and its creator since the beginning.

Now then, Souta Mizushino befriended Setsuna (or Yuna) Shimazaki as she likes his drawings. Of course, Setsuna is a better illustrator than Souta but it doesn’t deter their friendship when they met at a Megalosphere event. However, the situation has changed for the worse as Setsuna Shimazaki is being accused of plagiarism upon becoming a professional. He tried to protect Shimazaki, but Mizushino is scared that he might get retaliated by either haters or trolls.

In any case, it was Souta’s fault for not defending his friend Setsuna as she ended her life, and all of the haters rejoiced when Shimazaki committed suicide. Of course, Mizushino regretted on his inaction because he also felt jealous when Shimazaki is a better illustrator than him, and it’s no wonder why Altair blamed him and everyone else for pushing her creator on the edge.

With that said, I’ll see ya on the next episode. Honestly though, had Souta Mizushino acted quickly instead of keeping secrets to himself, Mamika Kirameki would have lived instead of being killed by Altair!

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