Little Witch Academia Episode #24

Well guys and girls, Chariot has arrived to stop Croix and her machinations from going out of control!

But then again, Croix says that her plan will be smooth-sailing and she’ll be acknowledged as the one who revived magic… with the power of science, of course!

In any case, the final battle has begun as Chariot carves her way to fight her former friend.

Of course, it won’t be easy as Croix is two steps ahead of her rival. I mean, she can control those drones with a flick of her cellphone.

On the other hand, seems that both Headmistress Miranda and Professor Finnelan took notice of the commotion and demand an explanation from Professor Croix.

Yeah, they don’t like the current situation that it might endanger the entire world! Alas, it was too late now…

…as Croix is ready to use her collected Noir Fuel Spirit to unlock the Grand Triskelion. Gotta say that the tower that holds to Sorcerer’s Stone is getting lit there!

Also, the angry mob wants to plan a coup d’etat over a freaking football game. Soccer is serious business that they put their frustration at the government!

So, the government has decided to call on the military to quell these hooligans.

Gotta say that Andrew Hanbridge would disagree on how his father and his allies responded to a bunch of football fans-turned-anarchists!

Now then, it’s time for Professor Croix to unlock the world construction magic beyond the Grand Triskelion seal

However, what she found out upon unlocking the seal was nothing more than cute things which has nothing to do with the reconstruction magic.

Gotta say that it was disappointing according to Professor Croix. Then again, it turns out that this is actually the magic that she’s looking for after unlocking the Grand Triskelion seal.

Heck, even Professor Woodward said that this is the true form of world reconstruction magic. Of course, the reason why Croix couldn’t activate it is because she doesn’t have a good heart filled with dreams.

Well then, looks like Croix’s plan on surpassing Chariot and bringing magic back to the world went up in naught!

Then again, seems that Croix’s machine has turned into a monstrosity. She should have control the flow of energy into this machine and now it’s switching over to beast mode!

Fortunately, there are a few people who haven’t give up as Chariot delivered a nasty dropkick against that monstrosity.

Even though she hates Croix for siphoning negative feelings for magic, Chariot won’t abandon her friend!

Meanwhile, Atsuko Kagari and her friends have finally arrived at the Grand Triskelion seal.

Yeah, these people haven’t lost their hope once they couldn’t use their magic anymore. But here they are as thanks to the power of the Shiny Rod, Akko and her friends can cast magic when they needed the most!

But let’s go back to Croix as her creation is about to eat her whole. And yet, here’s Chariot as she pushed Croix away in order to save her from being eaten by the beast!

Fortunately for Chariot, Atsuko Kagari has the guts to rescue her teacher/idol by transforming her Shiny Rod into a bow and arrow, much like how she did it back in the very first episode of this series!

And look, Akko managed to destroy Croix’s mechanical monstrosity while freeing Chariot du Nord from being eaten by the beast.

Now then, it’s time for a heartwarming encounter between Shiny Chariot and her fan Atsuko Kagari. Although the reason why she’s holding the Shiny Rod right now is because Akko wanted to see her idol again, it turns out that Akko can’t become like Chariot so she decided to return the Shiny Rod to her.

Of course, Akko deserved to wield the Shiny Rod is because she still believes in Chariot and with the help from her friends, Kagari became a better witch that she might unlock the world reconstruction magic!

Speaking of the Shiny Rod, it appears that Akko is ready to say the final word as Kagari is about to unlock the world construction magic… with the power of friendship!

And lo and behold as the sky turned bright blue and the tower is being coated with blooming flowers. I have to say that Akko-chan did the impossible!

As for Professor Croix, looks like she’s dejected that a mere witch like Atsuko Kagari has finally unlocked the world construction magic.

Anyways, all’s well that ends well for this week’s episode! However, it’s not over yet…

In fact, looks like Croix didn’t account this missile filled with Noir Fuel Spirit as it about to hit the entire country.

Well then, I’ll see you on the final episode as I’m hoping that Atsuko Kagari can save the world!

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