Rokudenashi Majutsu Koushi to Akashic Records Episode #12

Well, looks like these students couldn’t help it after they learned that Glenn Radars disappeared! There’s no hope for Sistine Fibel…

Anyways, this is the most unfortunate event that’s happening right now as Leos Kleitos is about to marry his childhood friend.

Yes, she’s not happy as Sistine Fibel was forced to marry Leos because he turns out that he’s part of the Researchers of Divine Wisdom. It’s no wonder that Leos knows about Rumia Tingel and Re-L Rayford!

Not until Glenn Radars has arrived to crash the wedding ceremony. Man, I thought he disappeared forever!

But hey, it appears that Mr. Radars hasn’t given up on Sistine as he carry her like a princess at the back alley…

…all while evading zombie-like people who got addicted to Angel’s Dust. All I can say is that drugs are bad in Japan!

Anyways, Glenn must carve his way on these zombified drug addicts while protecting Sistine. Well, it’s gonna be a pain in the ass to get away from these people!

Eventually, he met with this guy named Jatice Lowfan who is actually distributing Angel’s Dust to various people within the Alzano Empire, including Leos Kleitos.

Yes, it’s confirmed that Leos is using Angel’s Dust to boost his magic powers and turn into a deranged man…

In fact, he died after the team battle in the previous episode. So when Leos Kleitos died, Jatice Lowfan took his identity and kick Glenn Radars’ ass… all in the name of justice!

Really Jatice, I think it’s just an excuse to kill people in the name of Divine Wisdom. In fact, Mr. Lowfan wants to find the elusive Akashic Records.

And in order to do that, he must kill Mr. Radars much like Mr. Lowfan murdered Sara Silvers back in the day. Now he’s sending the bastard teacher in the afterlife together with Sara!

Therefore, it appears that this is the end of this series as Glenn Radars died… or is it?

Not quite though as Sistine Fibel has decided to help Glenn Radars as she doesn’t want her teacher being killed, leaving Sistine and countless others in sadness when they found out his death.

But seriously though, she’s capable of helping Mr. Radars on defeating his foe…

…as Jatice Lowfan summoned his goddess of justice, Justia. Isn’t it ironic that Mr. Lowfan has a guardian that represents justice, when he’s committing injustice acts against the so-called “evil” Empire of Alzano?

Now then, it’s time for Sistine Fibel to do her stuff as she cast some magic…

…to not only support Mr. Radars, but also put a dent on Justia. Let’s see if this tornado can blow Jatice’s goddess away?

Well, it’s not possible to blow Justia away from the back alley, but Sistine managed to put a hole on Jatice’s goddess of justice!

Also, Sistine’s wind magic makes a distraction against Mr. Lowfan, leaving him vulnerable against Glenn’s punches towards his face!

And here’s the result as Glenn sends Jatice straight towards the wall. Then again, he’s still alive and Jatice will continue to kill people in the name of justice!

But hey, Glenn Radars managed to successfully crash the wedding and that’s what counts!

And here’s both Rumia Tingel and Re-L Rayford as they welcome both Glenn Radars and Sistine Fibel back to where they belong: the Alzano Imperial Magic School!

As for Sistine Fibel, she thanked Mr. Radars for rescuing her. Then again, I’m worried that her parents would learn that the real Leos Kleitos has died.

He’ll surely be missed, but Leos is a fuckin’ idiot for taking drugs from a megalomaniac like Jatice Lowfan.

Meanwhile, Glenn Radars says hi to Albert Frazer as he and the rest of the Imperial Court Mage Corps have managed to stop the Angel’s Dust drug from spreading further within the empire.

Still, it’s a mystery on who revived Jatice Lowfan when he’s supposed to be dead? Well, there might be a speculation for that…

In fact, I can point out Eleanor Chalet as the one who revived Mr. Lowfan. Let’s not forget that she has the code from the Revive Life Project. Then again, it’s just speculation as Eleanor might be planning to revive various criminals like Jatice, possibly even the leader of Divine Wisdom.

One more thing, seems that she found something inside the Sky Castle of Melgalius, but we’ll never know about its contents unless you read the damn novels. C’mon, it’s Kadokawa’s strategy of churning anime adaptations just to sell the original light novels!

But anyways, I’m done watching Rokudenashi Majutsu Koushi to Akashic Records as Glenn Radars goes to the classroom for his lecture!

Now then, was the anime adaptation by LIDEN FILMS good? Well, I have to say that it’s decent since you got Glenn Radars as a fantastic protagonist, who maybe a lazy bum but he acted like a teacher when there’s trouble. Then again, my issue is that Rumia Tingel is always playing her part as the damsel-in-distress from the first and third story arcs. Seriously, Rumia should become a stronger magician if she’s being threatened by Divine Wisdom.

With that said, it’s a decent series to watch but don’t expect another season for it!

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