Saenai Heroine no Sodatekata ♭ Episode #11

Alright everyone, it’s the finale of Saekano Season 2 as Megumi Kato goes for a date…

…with Tomoya Aki. Well, looks like he really accepted the invitation!

Anyways, it’s the final episode and both Tomoya and Megumi went to Rokutenba Mall where they bought clothes and stuff from Season 1. But instead of doing research inside the mall, Tomoya and Megumi are just dating. Well, those male virgins are gonna get mad at Mr. Ethical!

Also, Tomoya Aki bought a hat for Megumi which is almost the same as the very first episode of Season 1. Not counting Episode 0 by the way, but it’s nice to see Tomoya buying a present for Megumi…

So much that when she wear it, Mr. Ethical remembered how he was inspired to make a visual novel upon looking at Megumi Kato from the distance. Suffice to say, Megumi is no longer a boring heroine!

And take a look at Tomoya-kun as he’s crying upon being told by Megumi that he should continue making games for Blessing Software. C’mon, she’s looking forward to see a heroine that everyone would feel jealous of her!

Still, I wonder who’s gonna be the illustrator and the scriptwriter? Sure that Mr. Ethical can write stories, but it’s not on par with Utaha-sempai. Oh, and don’t count on Eriri ’cause she’s joining with Kasumigaoka!

Speaking of these two girls, they’re about to ride the train towards Osaka before Tomoya Aki went to the station to say goodbye to both Sawamura and Kasumigaoka.

Also, Eriri took Tomoya’s glasses because she wants to remember her childhood friend when Akane Kousaka berates her while working with character designs! But what about Utaha-sempai?

Well, she does her thing by kissing Mr. Ethical in front of Eriri-chan.

Gotta say that Kasumigaoka took his first and Sawamura didn’t like it that she whipped Aki with her twintails! Also, they missed their train after this stunt, but they’ll get another one… I hope!

Anyways, a new school term has arrived and it looks like Toyogasaki Academy has a new cute student.

Yes, I’m talking about Izumi Hashima as she’ll be studying at Toyogasaki together with Tomoya Aki and Megumi Kato!

Heck, even Tomoya and Megumi are shocked that Izumi will be coming to their school, although Mr. Ethical realized that Iori planned to put Izumi at Toyogasaki Academy as an illustrator to his doujin group.

Meanwhile, seems that both Utaha Kasumigaoka and Eriri Spencer Sawamura have gone back to Tokyo in order to check Tomoya Aki. Then again, I wonder if they abandoned the Fields Chronicle game project since they might already missed the train back then!

Still, Eriri is getting jealous that Izumi-chan will take over her previous role as Blessing Software’s illustrator.

And finally, here’s Michiru Hyoudou as she makes her last appearance for this season. Then again, A-1 Pictures throw her in so that the viewers would remember Michiru!

And that’s the end of the second season of Saenai Heroine no Sodatekata. I have to say that this is better than the first season and there’s so much drama, although adding Akane Kousaka just to add more fuel to the fire is something that I dislike about. It’s just that Akane-san appeared with little development to steal both Eriri and Utaha-sempai away from Tomoya-kun!

On the other hand though, seeing Megumi Kato’s transformation from being a plain side character to the heroine that Tomoya dreamed of is truly remarkable. C’mon, she’s capable of doing things like programming and damn, Megumi has a unique charm that stands out from the rest of the girls. Glad that Kato has become a fine woman, but let’s just say that it’s hands-off towards Megumi until the second game has been released…

With that said, I’m hoping that A-1 Pictures make another season unless I have to resort on reading the novel. Also, Tomoya Aki needs to grow some spine now that he ditches his glasses for contacts!

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