Eromanga-sensei Episode #12

Hey guys and gals, it’s the finale of Eromanga-sensei as Masamune Izumi is in a slump when it comes to making the second volume of SekaImo, also known as Masamune’s fanfic about his sister and why she’s the greatest of all!

Since he’s known for doing battles in his works, Masamune-kun is having trouble making his latest novel series interesting.

So, Masamune Izumi asked Sagiri for some advice. Heck, he even went as far as petting Sagiri’s head in which she called her brother a pervert.

Really Sagiri, you’re doing some double standards right there!

On the other hand, Elf Yamada and Muramasa Senju are here at the Izumi residence because Sagiri invited them…

…as models for her illustration. Gotta say that both Muramasa and Elf-chan playing Twister while wearing swimwear is so wrong, but it’s so good to watch~!

Also, Tomoe Takasago visited Masamune-kun as she congratulates him for the success of SekaImo.

While she’s praising Masamune Izumi for his latest novel series, Tomoe-chan is planning to marry Masamune… when he’s already rich. Honestly, Tomoe might get shot down by Masamune because of his sister!

Oh yeah, I forgot that Tomoe Takasago brought a hentai doujinshi of his latest novel series. Yeah, he was surprised by that but someone is very interested on reading that doujinshi.

I mean look at the background, Sagiri Izumi is very eager to read it even though she’s under 18 years old!

See, Sagiri wants to see a hentai doujinshi that she’s inspired to make one by herself. Let’s see about that!

But anyways, it’s time for Sagiri to show her stuff as she made an erotic manga!

Oh, and she showed it to Masamune-kun as he’s not only got flustered for reminding of himself and Sagiri, but he’s embarrassed that the placement of the penis is wrong and telling it to Sagiri might be very difficult.

I guess that Sagiri didn’t see penises in her life. But you know what, I think there’s one person who knows about dicks!

Look no further than Megumi Jinno as she knows the shape and the placement of a man’s penis. C’mon, Megumi is popular that she slept with other boys or older men.

Anyways, Megumin received a call from Masamune-kun as he’s asking for some advice on penises…

…all while he’s being stripped by both Elf Yamada and Sagiri Izumi. Then again, asking Megumi Jinno might be a waste of time as there’s a rumor that Megumi wasn’t a slut as she claimed. Oh yeah, and it turns out that she learn penises from her little brother. Y’know what, I think they should ask another expert about male private parts.

And that’s about it for Eromanga-sensei as I end it right here. I have to say that it was a good adaptation by A-1 Pictures, but there’s a question on whether this series will have another season or not. Then again, I feel that I got the gist of the ending upon seeing Masamune’s thoughs about his sister and vice-versa, it’s just that they couldn’t spit it out at the moment however as they might get some criticism from other people.

In any case, it was a great show but seriously, I think both Masamune and Sagiri should kiss and hug already!

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