Kabukibu! Episode #12

Hey everyone, it’s time for the finale of Kabukibu as the kabuki club are waiting for Jin Ebihara’s decision…

And after some deliberation, as well as some coercion in which Kurogo Kurusu blamed him for spreading his flu to Riri Miwayama, Ebihara agreed to become Miwayama’s replacement for the upcoming new student welcome party.

Of course, there is some condition to it as Jin won’t show his Shiroganeya style because Kurogo’s friends are not at his level!

But instead, Ebihara gives some tips in order for the club members to act better right after Jin saw their rehearsal.

And I have to say that Ebihara is doing good of pointing out flaws and try to correct them… Well, except for Shin Akutsu where Jin told him that he’s good already. Also, Jin Ebihara hates Shin Akutsu for being an idiot and very annoying, not to mention being jealous at Akutsu for having talent when it comes to kabuki!

Regardless, I hope Jin’s advice would help them act better because he’ll join the cast as Juzaburo Akaboshi.

Now then, it’s time for the new student welcome party as Tsurami Tomi and his fellow teachers are excited to see the kabuki club!

And here they are as the kabuki club performed “The Five Thieves”, making their presence towards the freshmen that leaves them speechless.

And coupled with the acrobatics of the gymnastics club, this show will truly make a mark at this high school.

Heck, even the new students are impressed at the kabuki club’s performance. Maybe someday, I’m hoping that these freshmen can join Kurogo’s club!

For the whole kabuki club, it’s mission accomplished as they presented a stunning performance. Heck, even Tsurami-sensei congratulated Tonbo Murase for this kabuki play.

Like I said before, the kabuki club needs some members…

And finally, here’s Kurogo Kurusu as he thanked the audience and told them how wonderful kabuki is! C’mon, it’s his passion after all.

Anyways, that’s the end of Kabukibu! and I feel that this series needs more love. While this series is good to watch, I feel that some characters like Jin Ebihara needs some further development. As much as I want his to join the kabuki club, I feel that Ebihara’s attitude needs to be changed. Others like Tonbo Murase, Maruko Jyanome, and Katsumi Kazuma needs some more love.

With that said, it’s a great show that needs some attention and if you love kabuki, you’ll definitely going to love watching Kabukibu!

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