Re:CREATORS Episode #12

Let’s start this episode with Blitz Talker as he’s a man who just carries his job, regardless of whether Blitz is fighting a friend or a mere foe.

And by the way, Mr. Talker doesn’t show his feelings much as he carries his duty as a hard-boiled detective, despite the fact that Blitz’s daughter is already dead in his own world.

Meanwhile, Souta Mizushino continued his story as he knows about Setsuna (or Yuna) Shimazaki’s suicide that Souta tries to forget everything about her.

And yet, Mizushino couldn’t take the guilt and regret of rescuing that cutting ties with his friend is very horrible. Oh, and it also gives those trolls to gloat and mock Setsuna’s death even more!

But you know what, wait till those haters get a visit from Altair as she’s gonna kill them by any means.

Speaking of Altair, Maasaki Nakanogane found something interesting on the internet…

…as he shows various videos inspired by the military-clad princess, some even show Altair’s powers like turning anything into rose petals or even create clones.

Gotta say that there are some fans who liked Setsuna Shimazaki’s original character! Of course, they might regret it upon realizing that Altair is a threat to the real world.

Meanwhile, Alisteria February took her creator for a ride… a deadly pegasus ride where Alisteria can drop Gai Takarada if he can’t revise a story for a forced happy ending.

Then again, he can’t just revise the story right away as Takarada must factor in with his fans or his manga series “Alisteria of the Scarlet” might get cancelled, leaving Alisteria’s story unfinished if that happened. Therefore, fans would move onto something new and left Gai-san’s creation forgotten.

Also, Gai Takarada told Alisteria February that it’s up to her on upholding justice and protecting the weak, something that Souta Mizushino and his fellow readers would want to see it. In any case, Alisteria decided to let Takarada go and told him to make better stories. C’mon, a man’s gotta eat if he can’t work for his readers!

And since Alisteria has let her creator go, it appears that she might face repercussions from either Blitz Talker or Altair.

Now then, it’s time to return to Meteora Estherreich as she come up with an idea in which new abilities from a certain character will be permanently included, instead of being temporarily invoked as seen with Selesia Yupitilia back in Episode 10. So the only thing that Takashi Matsubara can do is to include Selesia’s power into his own novel series.

Also, Meteora come up with a plan to defeat the military-clad princess. It involves a collaboration among creators like Takashi Matsubara and Ryo Yatoji, their respective publishers, and the Japanese government.

Anyways, what Meteora is planning to do is to create a crossover story just to contain Altair and fight the military-clad princess from there. It’ll be a grand collaborative effort so that they could prevent the real-world from breaking itself. It’s a great idea but it’ll take a lot of negotiation skills to make this collaboration happen.

Finally, here’s Blitz Talker as he informed Altair that Alisteria February disappeared along with her creator.

While he wanted to kill both Alisteria and Gai Takarada, Blitz has decided to let them go as he found a replacement…

This guy right here has just arrived in the real world and who knows if this character is related to the existing cast. We’ll find out soon enough on the next episode!

With that said, let’s hope that this collaborative series would be a hit to the general public.

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