Sin: Nanatsu no Taizai Episode #10

Hey guys, here’s Leviathan as she takes on the Demon Lord of Melancholy and prove to Lucifer-oneesama that she’s also stronger and very useful for the fallen angel!

As for Astaroth, looks like the Demon Lord of Envy squirt some goo on her face which melts her clothes and goes down for the count.

Yeah, seems that Leviathan can take care of Astaroth by herself!

Meanwhile, Asmodeus confronted Belial as she accused the Demon Lord of Vanity of lying for waging war against Heaven in exchange for their loyalty. And given that Belial is somewhat in cahoots with Michael and God, the Demon Lord of Lust can’t stand to it!

Also, Asmodeus revealed that Belial came from the Byrnedale family in which their influence waned down to a mere footnote in history. Oh yeah, and Belial lied to Gnosis that she’s one of the remaining members of that prestigious family despite the fact that Gnosis knows that she’s making it up.

With that said, Asmodeus had enough of Belial as she tries to punish the Demon Lord of Vanity!

However, the Demon Lord of Lust got the short end of the stick instead. Well, let’s hope that Asmodeus can survive this bondage play as she’s being whipped by the wind!

Then again, Asmodeus might have her mind broken after cumming so many times. Oh, and it’s not just Asmodeus…

…but also both Beelzebub and Mammon as the former is forced to eat sausages, while the latter is riding a wooden horse coated in gold.

Yeah, isn’t a bit kinky when it comes to Belial’s method of punishment? Kinda turned me on upon looking at it except for Beelzebub.

Oh yes, here’s Belphegor as she’s running like hell thanks to Belial. Gotta say that the Demon Lord of Sloth is just useless…

So much that Lucifer ignored Belphegor and move on to the next level. Gee Lucifer, you’re such a meanie towards her!

And lastly, here’s Satan as she confronts Belial and told her to step down and surrender, because siding with Heaven is a betrayal of trust and you know that God is plotting to destroy Hell!

So, the Demon Lord of Wrath mustered her strength to beat Belial…

…only for the Demon Lord of Vanity to trap Satan by coating her body with black goo, which is made from depraved humans who lusted for Satan’s body.

This is so wrong but hey, it’s very titillating to see it because I’m a sucker for uncensored tits!

Meanwhile at Cocytus, Maria Totsuka is being tortured by Belial because it’s very exciting to have a human being bound to a chain and have her clothes ripped off.

Speaking of Belial, I wonder what she’s gonna do with Maria? Performing a virgin sacrifice or something that’ll deprave Totsuka’s spirit?

We’ll never know the answer until the next episode arrives!

For now, Lucifer has managed to reach the deepest parts of Hell as she kills some titans who are already banished from Heaven.

However, the fallen angel passed out before reaching Belial’s castle. Damn, what a fuckin’ shame that Lucifer’s energy ran out! Well then, I’ll see you next time…

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