Clockwork Planet Episode #12

Hey everyone, it’s the final episode of Clockwork Planet as both Naoto Miura and Marie Bell Breguet are busy repairing the Pillar of Heaven…

…by creating gears out of nothing. By they way, just use your imagination when it comes to their repair process!

Anyways, let’s get on with this episode as AnchoR goes to her Steel Weight mode to dish some damage on the giant automaton Yatsukahagi.

And while the giant automaton is well-armored, the only thing that AnchoR can do is to put a hole onto Yatsukahagi so she can go inside and destroy the generators.

But despite all of this, AnchoR is struggling to destroy the generators as it produces electromagnetic waves that can stop her gears at any moment.

Yet, AnchoR still continues to destroy the generators so that the cannon will lose its charge, rendering it operable.

Not long after, AnchoR lost all of her energy after destroying most of the generators. Of course, it’s not enough to destroy them all and AnchoR is currently weak that she lost her left arm.

Worst of all, AnchoR was shot by a railgun which is perfect for automatons since they’re weak against electromagnetism unless they grind gears to produce more heat.

Sadly, AnchoR couldn’t do that due to her low energy. Then again, who shot AnchoR that penetrates her abdomen?

Well, it’s none other than Gennai Hirayama as he told AnchoR that all of her efforts are in vain.

Also, he detested AnchoR for being one of Y’s automatons as Gennai is about to shoot her in the head!

But not until RyuZU arrived to save her sister because c’mon, her master Naoto loves AnchoR and losing her would be very sad.

So, RyuZU cut one of Hirayama’s arms because she doesn’t like a mere senile old man killing AnchoR and the rest of humanity, just to spite off the mysterious Y who hasn’t appeared yet!

In any case, it seems that her deed is done as RyuZU picked AnchoR up and told Gennai Hirayama that it’s game over for him, as the Pillar of Heaven is fully-repaired and turn the temperature up.

Yeah, looks like Yatsukahagi will be cooked from the inside as well as Gennai Hirayama. As much as he’s an old man bent on revenge against Y, Hirayama’s actions are not so different from the military and therefore his time is up!

Anyways, the giant automaton is destroyed and the Akihabara grid is safe, all thanks to Naoto Miura and his friends despite being branded as criminals.

Oh, and let’s not forget that Naoto and Marie managed to fix the Pillar of Heaven even after the tower is being bombarded by either the Yatsukahagi, or even the Japanese military in which they’re not aware that Empress Houko Hoshinomiya is there.

Speaking of Her Highness, Empress Hoshinomiya is safe and she’s about to say goodbye to her dear friend Marie Bell Breguet.

As much as Empress Hoshinomiya wanted to protect Meister Marie, the corrupt government and its military considered her as dead and very dangerous since Vacheron influence them in the first place.

Oh well, time for Marie Bell Breguet and her buddies to make their escape. Let’s hope that they manage to get to their hiding spot safely.

One more thing, looks like AnchoR is still okay, albeit losing an arm and having a gaping hole in her abdomen.

While Naoto-kun felt relieved that his daughter is okay as he praise her for doing a great job on destroying Yatsukahagi’s generators, there’s one more person who is very worried about AnchoR…

Well, it’s none other than Marie Bell Breguet as she felt sorry towards AnchoR for making her as a tool of destruction.

Yeah, looks like Marie felt a bit soft towards AnchoR that she decides to repair her right away. C’mon, Meister Marie is a genius when it comes to repairing automatons, but she’ll do it with tender-loving care!

By the way, looks like Vainney Halter got his original body back, albeit a replica of it. On the other hand, what happened to Genbu as it’ll be a waste if they abandon that automaton?

As for Vainney’s partner, looks like Vermouth will stick to his current form as he’s somewhat getting used to being a female sexbot who kicks ass!

One last thing, Meister Conrad and Karasawa offered them a yacht so that they can escape from the military.

C’mon, they made a commotion at the Pillar of Heaven as well as Empress Hoshinomiya. Of course, Naoto and his friends didn’t hurt anyone including the empress. Still, they’re branded as criminals and they can’t do about it!

With that said, Clockwork Planet ends with Naoto Miura and his buddies went off in a stormy night as pirates. Who wants them to go off in the sunset when they might get caught with the military?

What can I say from this series? Well, it’s decent as the mechanical-like setting is a bit unique, but I feel that this show needs to be more interesting and let’s not forget that there are some questions that remained unanswered. I mean, I wanna know what happened to Y after remaking Earth into the titular Clockwork Planet and what is Vacheron’s true objective apart from influencing both the military and the Japanese government?

On the other hand though, the characters looked okay especially RyuZU, Meister Conrad, and Vainney Halter in which they’re interesting. However, I feel that the likes of Naoto Miura and Marie Bell Breguet need to stop being annoying. Sure that they cooperated in the end, but Naoto and Marie should become good parents to AnchoR!

Overall, the anime adaptation of Clockwork Planet is just average and while the premise is very promising at first, it needs a lot of polish to have the same quality as Yuu Kamiya’s No Game No Life. Anyways, I’m finished watching this series and you want to continue exploring the story, read the novels! Then again, I’m not eager to read Clockwork Planet…

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