Sakurada Reset Episode #12

Hey everyone, here’s Kei Asai as he’s being offered by Misora Haruki with her lunch box. Isn’t it sweet?

Come to think of it, I wonder if both Misora and Kei become lovers at the end of this show?

Now then, Kei-kun is invited by the Bureau to check on Honoka Katagiri whose ability is omnipotence and she can manifest her powers in her own dream world… or so they believed.

Because of her ability, Honoka went into a coma for 9 years and therefore, the Bureau asked Asai to go inside the dream world together with Misora Haruki and Seika Nono. And the only way to do that is to sleep near Katagiri.

In any case, they successful went to the dream world where Kei Asai woke up from his slumber. Afterwards, Asai met a certain girl…

…who is named Michiru as she’s talking to Haruki just before Kei-kun interrupted their conversation.

While Asai try to ask her on whether she’s Honoka Katagiri, Michiru told him that she doesn’t know about that name. Also, Michiru has a friend named Chiruchiru where she consider that person as a hero. We’ll see about that!

One the other hand, here’s Sumire Souma as it turns out that she’s hiding in the dream world right after Sumire was pulled out from the picture by Kei Asai.

Then again, seems that Sumire is bored as she’s living by herself. Heck, going back to the real world and get caught by the Bureau would be very dangerous for Souma as she has her ability to see the future.

Not until she met this guy named Chiruchiru who turned out to be Michiru’s companion (as a blue bird) as well as the god who created various things in the dream world.

Oh yeah, Chiruchiru knows about Sumire Souma that he’s worried about her. Maybe a little chit-chat would keep Sumire happy and so Chiruchiru did that!

Let’s go back to Kei Asai as he’s about to go to a restaurant together with Misora Haruki. Along the way, Kei reunited with Sasane Ukawa as she went to the dream world and check out on what’s the difference between this world and the real one.

On the other hand though, seems that Sasane-san wanted to destroy the dream world. Then again, maybe she’s just joking upon saying that… or is it?

One last thing, looks like Chiruchiru called Kei Asai as he told him that Michiru is none other than Honoka Katagiri. Of course, she doesn’t want to remember her true identity at all as Michiru wanted to live inside the dream world.

Also, Chiruchiru warned Kei about strolling around dream world at night. In fact, staying outdoors in the middle of the night is very dangerous…

…as the dream world is being populated by a monster who destroys everything! Yeah, looks like Kei-kun got the message right.

But anyways, I’ll see you next time as Kei Asai tries to rescue Honoka Katagiri, while coming up ways for Sumire Souma to live her life as a normal girl. Then again, the latter one can wait for future episodes.

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